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The RISE class is designed to help all students successfully complete their SOL verified credit requirements needed for graduation.  Students focus their review on one test for the semester and then re-take the SOL at the end of the semester.
 SOL Classes:
 English:   English 11 Reading and Writing (two separate tests)
 Math:      Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II
 Science:  Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science
 Social Studies:  World Geography, World History I (Ancient), World History II (Modern), US/VA History 
 More about the RISE class can be found in the SYLLABUS.
Things that all RISE students will work on:
  1. Identifying strengths and weaknesses for the appropriate subject
  2. Organization --Students will maintain an organized binder for the RISE class and will frequently assess their organization in other classes
  3. Reading -- Strategies to strengthen reading skills will be introduced
  4. Communication -- Students will make use of email, Twitter, blogs, and diigo to enhance their communication skills.
 You can search a word in the list and then watch a short video clip explaining the word's meaning.

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