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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Student Publications

Newspaper - The Sentry
Faculty Sponsor: Ms. Wiedemann 
Newspaper is a full year/one credit elective English Language Arts course. Students enrolled in the newspaper class research, interview, write, edit, and take photographs for 8 - 10 issues of The Sentry each school year. Newspaper staff selection is based on writing samples, receipt of an application, and English or Journalism teacher recommendations. Reliability is a must! Students interested in being on the staff should pay close attention to application deadlines. The Sentry is financed by contributions, subscriptions, advertising and fund raising.

The Sentry ceased print editions in 2016 and moved to the World Wide Web. The newspaper staff invites the Yorktown community to join them on their cyber adventure where they delight readers in real time and report more frequently on the heartbeat of Yorktown.  Don’t delay, check it out today – it’s all happening.

Follow their stories on the web at www.yorktownsentry.com or on Twitter with @yorktownsentry

Last Modified on March 9, 2016