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Langston Faculty

Lashawn Graves

E-mail me: lashawn.graves@apsva.us

Welcome to English 12 at Langston!

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Graves' Rules

You are responsible for your own makeup work and reading assignments when you are tardy or absent. Class will not standstill when you walk in late. When you come into class late, you need to sit quietly. If there is time, I will come over and give you some of the assignments for that day. Otherwise, YOU ARE IN CHARGE OF YOUR MISSED WORK AND READING ASSINGMENTS BEFORE YOU TAKE A QUIZ OR TEST. It is your duty to complete everything before the quiz or test. For example, you may not use the following excuses: “But I was not here for that part of the reading”, or “But you didn’t tell me that “or “But, I still need to finish the reading” or “But I did not learn any of that”. IT IS NO ONE’S PROBLEM BUT YOUR OWN! You either need to get a classmate’s phone number or call down to the office when you are out so that I can prepare a packet of makeup work for you. (If your absence is excused) NOW IS THE TIME TO TAKE RESPONISIBLITY FOR YOUR INDIVIDUAL DESTINY!

Unexcused Tardy/Absence and you have missed the lesson for the day:
You will not receive makeup work. You will receive a “0” participation grade for the day.

Excused Tardy/Absence and you have missed the lesson for the day: You may receive makeup work as soon as time permits or during ELT period. Makeup work is due the following class period. It is your responsibility to find me or leave your work in my mailbox if I am not here.

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