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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Technology Planning Committee

Minutes from May 24, 2011 Meeting

In attendance:  Matt Beckwith, Carolyn Crumpler, Alison Smith, Leigh Buckley, Mark Dickson, Jennifer Goen, Eren Guendelsberger, Dave Soles, Eleanor Reed, Casey Robinson, Teri Doxsee
1.  Teri showed chart with cost estimates of new technologies.
  1. Motorized Screen & Mounted Projector for the Auditorium - $2400 for screen and $5000 for projector
  2. iPads - $499 each or 10 for $4790; covers cost $30-$100@; Datamation Sync Station for iPad - $1113.40
  3. SMART Airliner - $287.00
  4. SMART Response System - $1,262.00 for 24 units, $1,577.oo for 32 units
  5. Document Camera
    1. IPEVO document camera - $65.55
    2. Lumens Cameras - $299-$655
    3. Elmo - $500-$1000
  6. Mounted TVs in Cafeteria - $753.29 for 46" plus $55 for mount 
2.  How do we decide if this technology is right for H-B?
Discussion -
  1. These items are more individual in nature, not all teachers would want or need all.  Borrow some from other schools to test and determine which models we like best.  Develop team or point person who will investigate the technology and model for staff.
  2. Teams
    1. Auditorium - Dave Soles & Casey Robinson
    2. iPads - Leigh Buckley
    3. SMART Airliner - Eleanor Reed
    4. Student Response System - Alison Smith, Eleanor Reed, Mark Dickson, Carolyn Crumpler, Eren G.
    5. Document Camera - Alison Smith, Rebecca Bieniek, Jennifer Goen
  3. Auditorium - not really instructional, high ticket item we wouldn't be able to afford in one year, try to get APS to pay for it, 
  4. Cafeteria mount - concern about placement of projector interfering with dances and not being visible to entire cafeteria.  Teri will speak with Bruce about possible mount locations (he is scheduled to come to H-B today.)  See if screen could be mounted to hand between lunch doors or on wall opposite windows.
  5.  Committee decided that mounting TVs in the cafeteria was not the best use of instructional funds and has withdrawn it from consideration.
3.  How do we inform/survey staff?
Plan to demo use of Student Response System, Document Camera and Airliner at staff meeting on June 6. (As part of meeting to prepare for Arena Scheduling.)
4.  Next steps... 
Teri will borrow equipment from other schools for demo on June 6 and work with groups in further investigating each technology. 
Teri will discuss alternative projector placement in cafeteria and get back to committee.