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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Technology Planning Committee

Mounting an LCD projector and screen in the cafeteria

Permanently mounting an LCD projector and screen in the cafeteria would give us an area where large groups could meet with multimedia presentation capabilities.  The county will provide the LCD projector, projector mount and a large pull down screen.  We would provide a laptop and DVD player.  The projector would be connected to our cable system for TV and in-house transmission (scrolling bulletin board, video, etc.)  Depending on location we select, we might need to purchase a cabinet for equipment ($800.)
Teri Doxsee met with Bruce Bailey about alternative locations for mounting the projector and screen in the cafeteria.  Please take a look at the photos, then leave your comments on the blog on the right. 

Possible Locations 

1.  Between the lunch room doors
between lunch room doors
This location would not be desirable because there is a fire alarm in the way which would be expensive to move.  A screen in this location would also interfere with cafeteria functions.
2.  Bleacher end of the cafeteria
bleacher end
 Screen could be hung here, but would be in front of closet doors.
The pillars narrow the audience and obstruct views.
The break-out box (cable connections) would need to be mounted to a pillar.  We would also need to mount a cabinet for the computer & DVD equipment to the pillar. (cabinet cost $800)
 3.  Between hallway doors
door ways
Bruce thought this would make a good location.  It is the most central with the largest viewing audience.  A screen in this location can be seen from the windows to the bleachers.  
The screen would be to the right of the door in the graffiti area.  This area is the darkest wall in the cafeteria.  Bruce confirmed that the projector would not interfere with anyone walking into the cafeteria from the hallway.  window wall (People could be directed to the other two doors if entry would interrupt a presentation.)  No tables would need to be moved and all could be used, although some people would need to turn around.  (Screen will hang pretty high.)  Bruce thought the wall indentation might be a good place to put a podium.
We would not need to mount a cabinet on the wall or column.  We could have the break-out box located in the area where the microwave is in the bottom photo.  We could use a small table or cart and simply lock the equipment there.  Bruce might have something he will give us for this purpose.
4.  Between pillar and soda machine
equipment area
This was the original suggested location.  Screen would be viewable to all except people sitting in the area near the windows.
Break-out box would be mounted on a pillar and a cabinet would need to be purchased and mounted for equipment.  (cabinet cost $800) 

What's Your Opinion?

  • What are your thoughts about having a mounted projector in the cafeteria?

    Posted by Teri Doxsee at 5/26/2011
    We often get requests to set up a screen and projector in the cafeteria for meetings.  If we mount a projector and have a computer and DVD player set up all the time, how could we use it? 
    Which location do you think is best? 
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