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Minority Achievement

Resources for Educators

Professional Development Opportunities
East Ed provides multiple, quality professional development workshops for educators that focus on equity in education.  See attached calendar for a list of current conferences available.
Pacific Educational Group provides a variety of resources related to diversity.  They sponsor free monthly webnairs. Be mindful that the webnairs' times are listed in Pacific time.
Professional Websites 
Please explore the websites and documents to recognize and celebrate diversity in WMS' classrooms.
  • Wide variety of lesson ideas and resources, including powerful stories from various professional story tellers
  • Wide variety of lesson ideas, including social justice topics using photography and many other diversity topics to integrate into all content areas
  • A useful collection of discussion starters
  • Great resource for TA lessons 

Professional Articles

Reflections from the Classroom

Please share any additional resources with Ms. Butler, Minority Achievement Coordinator.
What month is Diversity Awareness month?
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