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Budget & Finances Overview 

The Tuckahoe PTA raises funds through a variety of events and programs including the gift wrap sale, plant sales, the book fair, school pictures, Harvest Fest, Home and Garden Tour and others. These funds are spent to enrich the school programs and facilities. Our two largest expenditures are for the funding of the Math Instructional Assistant and our Teacher Grant Program, which accounts for about 40% of our annual expenditures. Other funding goes to teacher training and activities, field trip transportation, Tuckahoe Times printing, the Discovery Schoolyard maintenance, the Literary Magazine, safety patrols, awards, summer school scholarships, arts and education, Junior Great Books, Reflections, and many other activities. Some items, such as the construction of the Discovery Schoolyard and Enrichment programs, are handled as restricted accounts that have funds specifically earmarked.

Our annual budget is put together by committee in the Spring for the following year. The chairs of the various committees are asked to estimate their budgetary needs for the next fiscal year. We also ask the fundraising chairs to estimate their income for the following year. Based on those projections, we formulate a budget that is voted on by the PTA board for preliminary approval, and then the budget is voted on by the general membership of the PTA at the beginning of the school year. The budget may be amended during the year by vote at the PTA board meetings. 

Annual Budget & Budget Reports 

Financial Audits

The PTA completes a financial audit annually.  Copies of previously year audit documents as well as the current year draft audit are available for review upon request.

PTA Committee Information

For the volunteers who spend or collect money on behalf of the PTA, please use the following information and forms to facilitate your activities:

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