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PTA Sponsored Events 

Art Show/"Dessart" Night
A Springtime treat eagerly anticipated by students and adults, alike. Tuckahoe's student art show is always fascinating, humorous, revealing and wondrous - one of the most popular events of the year. Every child has a masterpiece on display, and they all work with the art teacher in transforming the art room. Help is needed with mounting and titling the paintings for each class. To volunteer for the art show, please contact the Art Show Chairperson.
We combine this evening of art appreciation with scrumptious desserts. Falling in mid-March, you will not want to miss this social event for the entire family! EVERYONE can bring a dessert to share and eat!! To volunteer to help set up, cut dessert, serve desserts and drinks, and clean up, please contact the Dessart Night Chairperson.

Young Author's Night
This opportunity for students to experience the thrill of presenting original works of literature is coordinated by Anne St. Jacques, Alethea Price and Claudia Stucki. Students prepare original poems, stories, and other literary masterpieces. They are assigned a reading station within the school hallways. Each child then spends fifteen minutes reading (and usually, re-reading) their compositions to an audience of roving families.

Fun and confidence-building, this evening during the Annual Book Fair will provide a special feeling of accomplishment for each participant, from Kindergarten through fifth grade.

Volunteers are needed to help with promotion and scheduling. Please contact the Young Authors Night Chairperson.
Book Swap/Ice Cream Social
A free, delicious, fun way for the entire Tuckahoe family to wrap up the school year. This event takes place in early-June. Come get your licks in!! And it's twice the fun because it's held in conjunction with the Book Swap.

This free, end-of-the-year event allows you and your kids to clear out your shelves without feeling guilty and gives you new reading opportunities for the summer! Participants receive a ticket for the number of books brought to school during the book collection period (generally the week before the swap). The night of the swap, select as many books as your coupon is worth. Leftover books are donated to community service groups.

For the Book Swap, volunteers collect and sort books before the Swap, set up the night of the Swap, collect tickets at the Swap, clean up after the Swap, and distribute extra books to charities. Please contact the Book Swap Chairperson to volunteer.

Volunteers are also needed to help with promotion (posters and fliers), setting up, serving, and cleaning up. Please contact the Ice Cream Social Chairperson to volunteer.
Disco Dance
Remember the discos of your youth? Tuckahoe continues that fine tradition by offering the Disco experience to our students. Held in January, it is a great way to pass traditions to the next generation.
This event depends on parent volunteers to organize and run the disco dance, to help set up, clean up, serve drinks, sell tickets, sell glow-in-the-dark necklaces, and patrol hallways. Please contact the Disco Chairperson to volunteer.
Family Fitness Day
Held in conjunction with Arlington Neighborhood Day in May, this action-packed family event brings together information on nutrition, safety, and health with outdoor activities such as a mile walk, obstacle course and three-legged race. This event takes place at Tuckahoe School and Tuckahoe Park. We recommend comfortable shoes and clothing for this kid-oriented day of fitness!
Organizing begins in March with a committee of students, teachers, and parents. We need volunteers to help coordinate advertising and promotion, food donations from local grocery stores, and participation by outside groups, as well as volunteers for the day of the event. Please go to the site for more information and to help make it fun for everyone. Back to top
Harvest Fest
If Fall is your favorite time of year, the Harvest Fest is for you! Occurring near Halloween, this event kicks off the school year and is wildly anticipated by the kids and their parents alike. From 7 to 9 PM, the halls of Tuckahoe will be transformed into a celebration of autumn and Halloween. Be sure to visit the famous Haunted House. Too afraid? Have your face painted and take a stroll on the Cake Walk. With the help of many parent volunteers, this family event becomes bigger and better every year. Please contact the
Harvest Fest Chairpersonto volunteer.
PTA Programs
This committee brings speakers and programs to the school to speak to parents and teachers on a variety of topics. Volunteers are needed to help identify quality speakers, promote and advertise programs, and help out on program nights. To assist with these programs, please contact the
PTA Programs Chairperson.
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