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Other Activities & Programs 

ACI (Advisory Council on Instruction)
Advisory Council on Instruction involves you in education policy making.  Volunteers are needed to serve on ACI committees, which meet once a month to discuss education matters, including English for speakers of other languages/high intensity language training, foreign languages, social studies, English, math, science, gifted and talented, special education, and adult and continuing education.  To assist please contact the ACI Chairperson.
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Arts Education/Curriculum Enhancement
Creates and fosters opportunities for incorporating the arts (music, drama, dance, creative writing, and visual arts) into the general curriculum. Works with grade-level teaching teams to develop program ideas for using the arts to enhance the curriculum. Volunteers are needed to work with teachers on project ideas; identify and contact artists and other resources; and identify sources of funds and assist with grant proposals. To volunteer with this committee, please contact the Arts Education Chairperson.

Arts in the Community
The Arts in the Community committee works to display student art throughout the Arlington County community and to keep an inventory of Tuckahoe’s permanent student art collection.  Volunteers are needed to help record and store artwork digitally and on slides, to find appropriate venues to display art, to repair and update labels for each piece, and to sell art frames to Tuckahoe families each Spring during the annual art show.  Please contact the Arts in the Community Chairperson to volunteer.
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Community Outreach
Plans and promotes the participation of Tuckahoe students in community service projects, e.g., a mini-walk as part of the Help the Homeless Walkathon (to benefit A-SPAN), a nonperishable food drive (to benefit AFAC) in conjunction with the traditional Harvest Festival, and helping individual classes do community service projects.   To volunteer in coordinating service projects with the classrooms, please contact the Community Outreach Chairperson.
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County Council
Volunteers serve as liaison between the County Council of PTAs and the Tuckahoe PTA throughout the school year, informing Tuckahoe parents of issues being considered on the county level, and, in turn, giving feedback reflecting the views of Tuckahoe’s PTA to the County Council.  To volunteer please contact the County Council Chairperson.
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Discovery Schoolyard
The Discovery Schoolyard committee offers a wide variety of volunteer opportunities in outdoor classroom landscaping and construction, curriculum activities, fundraising, and special events as part of Tuckahoe’s well-known outdoor learning program.   A chance to work outdoors with your kids in a hands-on, inquiry-based educational experience.  "Garden Angels" help keep your child’s grade-level gardens in tip-top shape and invite the kids to do simple gardening chores on a regular basis.  Other opportunities include: carpentry; research; documentation/photography; in-kind donations; and club leaders to assist in running the gardening or bird watching lunchtime clubs. Please contact the Discovery Schoolyard Chairperson, or to learn more about specific, current volunteer opportunities, visit the Discovery Schoolyard website.
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Enrichment classes for before and after school and on some evenings are offered to all Tuckahoe students in the fall and in the spring. Registration information is sent home several times a year. Classes may range from basketball to chess club, French to cooking, and many more.  Volunteers are needed throughout the year to share their talents or interests by teaching a class or to be a coordinator for the arts, science, sports, and games and crafts and for help during some of the classes themselves.  To assist in organizing the enrichment activities or to volunteer to “teach” a class, please contact the Enrichment Chairperson.
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Grants Applications
This committee helps the school seek foundation and corporate grants to support the Discovery Schoolyard and other innovative programs at Tuckahoe.  Volunteers are also needed to prepares and submit proposals in coordination with teachers and other staff members.  To volunteer on this committee, please contact the Grants Applications Chairperson.
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Throughout the year parents volunteer to provide refreshments for PTA meetings, Back-to-School night, school concerts and other school receptions. Volunteers are needed to help with baking or buying cookies and snacks, setting up and/or cleaning up, and serving refreshments to hungry kids and parents.  To volunteer for this committee, or simply to offer to bake when needed, please contact the Hospitality Chairperson.
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Literary Magazine
Published at the end of the school year, this magazine contains student-written pieces (e.g., essays, poetry, short stories) and artwork for a publication that is distributed to each member of the Tuckahoe school community.  Everyone can encourage their children’s literary and artistic endeavors and enjoy the Literary Magazine.  Volunteers are needed to help with typing, proofreading, and composition.  Please contact the Literary Magazine Chairperson to volunteer.
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School Supplies
The School Supplies program is coordinated with Innisbrook, our gift wrap supplier.  In June parents are offered the option of ordering school supplies for the coming school year.  Innisbrook packages the supplies that they carry for any student, individualized by grade, at competitive package prices.  At the end of August, the committee distributes the boxes of supplies to parents or classrooms, in time for the beginning of school.  This is not a fundraiser.  To volunteer in compiling orders and distributing supplies, please contact the School Supplies Chairperson.
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Special Education
The Special Education committee ensures that the needs of ALL special education students, preschool through grade five, including those who spend all, most, or part of their school day in regular education classes, are met.  The committee shares information and resources with parents and holds periodic meetings for parents, teachers, and staff members.  To volunteer please contact the Special Education Chairperson.

Teacher Appreciation
The Teacher Appreciation committee expresses ongoing support and appreciation to Tuckahoe’s staff throughout the year, including providing food to staff on conference days, recognizing Secretaries Week and Teacher Appreciation Week, and planning the end-of-the-year Teacher Appreciation Luncheon. This committee also purchases gifts for staff events, such as babies, surgeries, weddings, retirement, and departures.  To volunteer to help, please contact the Teacher Appreciation Chairperson.
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Spriritwear now available!

Occasionally, the PTA sells t-shirts or sweatshirts with Tuckahoe markings. Buying a Tuckahoe T-shirt is a wonderful way to show school spirit and make your child easily-recognizable while on field trips. For information on t-shirts or to help with sales and tracking sales, please contact the T-Shirt Chairperson.


This is a National PTA-sponsored art contest that is open to all students. Entries are accepted from September to mid-October. It encourages children to creatively reflect on a given theme through the use of various media (visual art, literature, music, photography, dance choreography and film). All students are encouraged to participate, and winners are recognized at a daytime assembly at school.  Top finishers from Tuckahoe will progress to the County Reflections contest. Rules and entry forms are available for download.  For more information, please contact the Tuckahoe Reflections Chairperson, Carrie Thomas.

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Volunteers are an integral part of the school and the PTA. The Volunteer Coordinator compiles a database of volunteers, and passes along that information to relevant committee chairs, teachers, and staff members.  Also assists in reviewing and providing updates to the information on PTA web pages. Volunteers are needed in September to help compile an accurate list of volunteers for distribution to committee chairpersons.  Please contact the Volunteer Coordinator to assist.
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