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Academics @ Gunston

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Academics @ Gunston

Parent Conferencing

Parent Conferences

The staff at Gunston Middle School is committed to providing educational programs that stimulate academic excellence and intellectual curiosity.  We believe that good communication between parents and staff is essential to meeting these goals and supporting students in their learning.  To that end, teachers provide information about homework and their classes on our website.  Teachers are also available for any questions by email or phone.  Teacher email addresses are posted on the Staff Directory page on the website.

Parent/teacher conferences are scheduled by Arlington Public Schools for all middle schools twice yearly, in October and in March.  If parents would like to meet with teachers at other times during the school year, they are asked to schedule a conference through their child’s grade level counselor.  During these conferences, the child’s entire team of teachers will meet with the parents so that all concerns can be addressed.

We welcome the opportunity to work closely with our parents, and encourage them to contact us at any time.

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