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2011-2012 Memories

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Gunston Students Help the Homeless Walk

November 19, 2011

For the 8th year, Ms. Meyers took a group of Gunston students to participate in the DC Homeless Walk. Afterwards, students went to the National Gallery of Art icing skating rink; many of them ice skating for the first time. Way to go Gunston!


Why do we walk?

  • On any given night in America over 750,000 people are homeless
  • 1.35 million children experience homelessness in the US each year
  • Over five million low-income households have serious housing problem due to high rent and substandard conditions
  •  Even here in Arlington we have hundreds of people living on the street each night.
This is why Gunston is taking a stand. We say no to Homelessness and yes to doing something about it!  Over the past five years we have raised over $6000 dollars to fight homelessness right here in Arlington. 
Thank you for your support and commitment to this important issue!

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