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  • Fantastic Flowers

    Posted by kelly spool at 1/9/2012

    Fantastic Flowers

    The third grade students in Mrs. Spool’s art class studied the work of Georgia O’Keeffe for the inspiration of these beautiful works of art.  Flowers were drawn to appear close up by touching all four sides of the paper.  The fabric technique, batik, was introduced and students imitated this effect by adding glue on top of their pencil lines. Students learned the vocabulary; tints and shades and analogous colors in order to choose their color scheme.  Students were then introduced to technique of blending pastels together to show depth in their images.  Complementary colors were introduced to use in the background to really make the flowers pop!  The results are amazing third graders!



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  • Oaxacan Clay Creatures

    Posted by kelly spool at 1/9/2012

    Oaxacan Creatures

    Students in Mrs. Spool’s third grade art class learned about a type of art that originated in Oaxaca, Mexico.  The people there began creating wood carvings as toys for their children. They became so popular they began to export them as folk art.  The men typically do the carving and the women and children adorn them with bright colors and patterns.  We used these sculptures as a point of inspiration for our clay project.  Students chose 3 animals to morph together into an imaginary creature.  They then added bright colors and patterns like the Oaxacan art they saw. 




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