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Carlin Springs Elementary School: Elkinton


 Philosophy on Teaching
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Our youngest students need a classroom community that is warm, encouraging, predictable, and fun.  I try to provide a healthy balance of active and quiet activities, times to listen and times to talk, sitting and moving, following directions and making choices.We encourage independence in many ways, including dressing to go outside, telling others how they feel and what they need, finding and using toys and materials on their own, and cleaning up.  Confident, independent students can focus on learning.  We have acomprehensive curriculum, which introduces and builds concepts, vocabulary and skills in literacy (language and pre-reading), math, science, social studies, social skills and physical development. 
Parents are invaluable partners in this endeavor.  During the year, we talk about how you can contribute to your child's education at home, and we send games and materials for you to use.
Every child is valuable; all have strengths and weaknesses.  My job is to help each student make progress in every area and to identify and encourage the qualities and talents that make him or her special.
Deborah Elkinton
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