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Carlin Springs Elementary School: Moran


 Philosophy on Teaching
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Salvador Moran
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"My philosophy of teaching has been influenced by my personal and pedagogical beliefs I have developed throughout my experiences.  It has guided me in my teaching approaches and helped me develop core beliefs that I use in my teaching of young culturally, linguistically and ability diverse children.  I am most influenced by the pursuit of understanding each individual child’s development and the belief that learning will be a unique experience for each of them.  I believe that a child’s culture, home environment and community all play an important role and have a great impact on the student’s growth and development
Even though curriculum tells you how to teach a lesson, it is still important to learn about each child and how they learn.  This becomes important as one learns to adapt the curriculum, individualize the instruction and focus on the student’s individual needs and development.  Adaptations can be made in every aspect of their day in order to make the learning that occurs in the classroom more meaningful.  Knowing when and how the children learn best and having this sense, makes it feel like they are guiding you as you fill in what they need to know.  Understanding development, understanding the child and understanding how they learn all go hand in hand in the learning process and helps guide the learning for each individual child.  I believe in creating learning environments in which they can be challenged and make mistakes while still rewarding their curiosity and celebrating their personal accomplishments.  
In my years of teaching I have come across many students and families that have incredible stories.  It is this focus on the families that has allowed me to develop authentic relationships with them and it allows me to get to know the family at a deeper level.  In building authentic relationships you have to bridge academic goals to the personal goals and allow the parent to share their hopes and dreams for their children.  Bringing this into the classroom creates more learning opportunities for the students and families in the classroom."

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