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Information Services

Major Services provided by Information Services

  • User support and professional learning of APS Instructional and Business systems
  • Email services and storage
  • Telecommunications services including wireless
  • Installation and support of classroom technology and equipment
  • Development, technical support and maintenance of APS Instructional and Business systems
  • Network support including wireless infrastructure and internet management
  • Inventory of technology equipment
  • Replacement of computers in accordance with APS PIPs
  • Coordinating and administering assessment program
  • Developing and reporting on the APS Strategic Plan and Technology Plan
  • Completing federal and state reports
  • Providing support for school management and department plans
  • Coordinating compliance with accreditation requirements
  • Monitoring enrollment
  • Evaluating instructional programs
  • Reporting on satisfaction survey results
  • Standard annual reporting of aggregate results 
    • System-Wide Student Assessments
    • College Readiness and placement assessments
    • Other student outcomes such as graduation rates, dropout, suspensions, etc
  • Conducting and reporting on the state-mandated Senior Exit Survey
  • Application process for researchers
  • Custom application development
  • Supports implementation of new technologies
  • Supports and coordinates TSIPs review process
  • Supports distance learning offerings and coordinates online learning classes
  • Coordinate support for all Distance Learning classes including daily operation of electronic classrooms, training of electronic classroom specialists, online facilitators and coordination with Dept. of Instruction curriculum Supervisors
  • Coordinate support to schools through the selection, support, and professional development of Instructional Technology Coordinators
  • Coordinate support to schools designed to strengthen and enhance the instructional program through the use of instructional video resources including video streaming of content videos correlated to the SOLs
  • Support the continued use of Blackboard, online digital resources and e-textbooks
  • Research, evaluate, recommend and support pilots of new and innovative technologies to support and enhance student learning.
Last Modified on December 20, 2012