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Healthy Kids/Healthy Planet

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WHAT IS Healthy Kids/Healthy Planet?

Healthy Kids/Healthy Planet (HK/HP) is a PTA committee at Ashlawn Elementary School in Arlington, VA, seeking to ensure, through a variety of ways, that children's health and wellness is a central focus of the school day. In our work, we draw heavily from research, which shows that healthy children are better learners, score higher marks on tests, exhibit fewer behavioral problems in the classroom, and are, in general, more relaxed.

The Healthy Kids/Healthy Planet Committee was formed when the CHAWK (Championing Health and Wellness in Kids) Committee merged with the PTA Environment Committee.

Launched in 2005, CHAWK lobbied the School Board to expand recess for all elementary school students in Arlington; sought changes to Ashlawn’s schedule so that recess precedes lunch for most children; has held five Fun Runs, a Health Fair that drew 400 people from across the county, a Family Gym Night, and a Film Night with a presentation by a nutritionist; helped spearhead regular Walk and Bike to School days at Ashlawn; and works in the Courtyard Garden and encourages teachers to bring children outside more frequently.

Other activities have included:

  • An annual One-Mile Family Fun Run/Walk in the spring.
  • Promoting Fruit Fridays, which encourages children to bring fruit for snack every Friday. Whole Foods traditionally donates fruit for every student for our kickoff in September.
  • Organizing Feet Friday, which encourages children to walk or bike to school every Friday (with adult supervision, as needed), as they are able. Ashlawn also takes part in the county’s annual Walk and Bike to School Day each year.  
  • Planning additional events for the rest of the school year, including Family Gym Night and various Earth Day activities.
  • Promoting outdoor learning and the implementation of the APS county-wide student wellness policy  This policy includes requirements for school recess, including stipulating the number of minutes, discouraging the withholding of recess as punishment, and encouraging active and outdoor recess for students throughout the year.
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