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Thursday, August 21, 2014

3rd Grade

  • Artifact Museum

    Posted by Teresa Nagle at 4/25/2014 7:00:00 AM
    I hope everyone had a wonderful spring break!  In Math we are learning about customary and metric measurement.  Students have practiced using a variety of tools to measure the length, and weight, of objects. They measured liquid volume and learned a song to help them remember the sizes of cups, pints, quarts, liters, and gallons.   They have participated in activities that required them to measure area and perimeter.
    Artifact Museum
    Check out the artifacts we shared at the beginning of our Ancient Civilization Unit!
    Roman Celebration
    We had a great Roman celebration at the end of our Ancient Civilization Unit!
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  • Greek Post

    Posted by Deborah Chu at 4/10/2014
    While studying our Ancient Civilizations we made a Greek Post newspaper with Mrs. Cohen. Check it out below!
    Greek Post
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  • February News

    Posted by Teresa Nagle at 2/7/2014 3:00:00 PM

    February News

    The snow days have had us rearranging our schedule a bit, so here is an update on what is happening!

    Social Studies: We will continue our study of Ancient Cultures beginning with Ancient Greece and finishing with Ancient Rome. At the conclusion of our study of Rome, we will have a cumulative test on Mali, Greece, and Rome. Your child should be able to tell you about the physical and human characteristics, government, location, and important architecture of Ancient Mali, Greece, and Rome. The unit test on Mali, Greece, and Rome is scheduled for the week of Feb.17th, but please check your child’s homework assignment book for the exact date. Study guides will be coming home before the test.

    Math: We will continue working on multiplication and division facts, and identifying and solving a variety of word problems.  We will be concentrating on the 6, 7, and 8 times tables in the next few weeks. It is critical that children learn their facts with speed and accuracy. Please practice times tables at home as often as possible. Even if children have passed the speed tests, they need to continue to practice all the tables. A note is coming home asking that you commit to studying the times tables daily with you child. 

    Reading: We are finishing up our identification of main idea in poetry and are now learning about the author’s purpose for writing. Students are learning that authors write to inform, persuade, teach a lesson, and to entertain us. We are also learning how to use reference materials such as dictionaries, and a thesaurus. Please make sure your child is turning in their completed reading log each week.

    Writing: We are finishing up our research writing project in which students conducted research, and wrote a “book” including nonfiction text features, table of contents, title page, and glossary.   Students will display their finished books at the Writer’s Fair. We are now learning how to write an introduction that hooks the reader, and to add details to our writing. Students are learning to revise and edit their stories.

    Important Dates

    February 7- Family Valentine’s Day Party

    February 10- Class Pictures

    February 11- Planetarium (Mrs. Nagle’s Class)

    February 14- Class sharing of Valentine’s Cards

    February 17- Holiday

    February 27- STEM/NASA – Science Fair Night

    March 6/7- Parent/Teacher Conferences


    Editing Tips
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  • December News

    Posted by Teresa Nagle at 12/11/2013 7:00:00 AM

    December News

    Mrs. Nagle’s class has been very busy in November and December! Here is a look at what we have been doing!


    Through the month of November and the beginning of December students have been working on finding the main idea and supporting details in nonfiction text. They have been using the strategy STP- stop, think, and paraphrase to summarize major points in nonfiction. They have also been learning about the meaning of the prefixes: in, im, il, ir, un, dis, and non.   During the remaining weeks of December and the beginning of January, the children will be learning to identify the main idea and details in fiction/poetry. Students will explore the suffixes: er, and est, and the prefix over. In addition we are working with Mrs. Frick on a project reviewing Caldecott books. Students will be voting for their favorite book!


    In writing students have been learning about the features of nonfiction text. They have explored books by many different authors and discovered the many ways nonfiction material can be presented. The children are working on a research project and have chosen an animal to learn more about. They are using books, and on line resources to find out about their animal. They will complete a written piece, using some of the features they have learned about. They are currently using note cards to record information from their research. They have a rubric to follow that outlines details that should be included in their final work. In addition, students are working on a writing project in the Discovery Lab with Dr. Sullivan. They are writing about their trip to Paxtuent Research Refuge using the Chrome Books. We will continue to work on this for several weeks with Dr. Sullivan, and the students will create a book at the end of the project.


    Students have been learning about counting money, representing money amounts in different ways, and making change. They have learned how to read, interpret, and solve multi-step work problems, using strategies taught in class. Students have learned to interpret and create pictograph graphs, bar graphs, and line plots. They can interpret information and answer questions related to graphs, including the mode and range on a line plot.   This week students will be introduced to multiplication as repeated addition. We will begin exploring the five and ten times tables. Students will be expected to study the times tables nightly.


    In Science the children have been learning about the six simple machines: wedge, lever, wheel and axle, screw, inclined plane, and pulley. Students have learned that simple machines make work easier, and compound machines are made up of two or more simple machines. We will begin our invention convention this week, and children will be working in class to create their simple machines. Thank you for all of the recyclable materials you have been sending in. 


    Fresh Fruit Friday-Thank you to all of the parents who have been supplying fruit for our fresh fruit Fridays. The children enjoy the treat! Thank you also to the parents who have read to us on Roving Readers day. The children love to be read to!

    Please remember to check your child’s homework assignment book each evening. Homework assignments, upcoming tests, and other information are recorded in the assignment book. 

    Important Dates:

    December 11- Early Release

    December 13- PTA Bingo Night

    December 23- January 1- Winter Break

    January 6-January 17- third grade swimming- you will be notified of the week our class has swimming

    January 21 – Second quarter Grade Prep Day- No School for students


    I want to wish all you and your families a wonderful winter break. Thank you for all of your support this year.


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  • Class News

    Posted by Teresa Nagle at 9/30/2013 7:00:00 AM

    We have had a very busy month in third grade. It has been fun to get to know each other better as we have been building our classroom community. We all enjoyed sharing our “me bags” and finding out all the things we have in common. If did not get to see them at Back to School Night, be sure to check out your child’s personal balloon that is hanging from our classroom ceiling.

    In Science we have been learning about Living Systems and exploring terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems. The children have been leaning how adaptations help plants and animals survive in the environment in which they live. We also worked with Dr. Sullivan in the Discovery Lab learning about insects. She and Mrs. Donavan are working with us on a special writing project. We are preparing for our trip to Patuxant Wildlife Refuge on October 29th

    In Math we reviewed shape and number patterns. We are now working on place value, and adding and subtracting with regrouping. We have used “secret code cards” to help us understand the value of digits in the ones, tens, hundreds, and thousands place. We are learning to solve problems using multiple strategies and using proof drawings to prove our answers. Please continue to practice reviewing addition and subtraction facts with your children as it is important that they have rapid recall of their facts. 

    In Reading we are learning to set a purpose for reading and making predictions. We have been previewing and using titles, captions, and pictures to help us make, confirm and revise predictions. The children are learning how to differentiate between fiction and nonfiction. We are also introducing prefixes as part of our vocabulary study.   We are practicing the “Daily Five” each day during reading instruction, so be sure to ask your children about what they are doing. During some of our library time, Ms. Frick has been teaching us how to do research. 

    The children have been writing stories for the last several weeks and will begin to write personal narratives this week. They will be learning to revise and edit their work using the Being a Writer program. 


    Reading logs and responses are due each Monday. 

    Please be sure your child is in bed on school nights by 8:30.

    Send a healthy snack and a water bottle each day.

    Dates to remember:

    National Walk to School Day- October 9                                 Field Trip- Wildlife Refuge- October 29

    Parent Teacher Conferences- October 10-11                       Odyssey of the Mind Parent Meeting- Oct. 29

    Roving Readers- October 15                                                        Halloween Parade- October 31

    Book Fair- October 21-25

    Picture Day- October 21

    Library Night- October 22

    Early Release- October 23

    Heritage/UN Assembly- October 25

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  • Welcome to Third Grade!

    Posted by Teresa Nagle at 8/29/2013

    Welcome to third grade!  I hope everyone has had a great summer and is looking forward to coming back to school! Teachers have been working hard all week to prepare for the students' arrival on September 3rd! Please remember to send your student with their school supplies on the first day of school so they are prepared for the upcoming year. The list is on the school website if you have not yet purchased those items. Also, remember to wear appropriate shoes for the playground at recess time. We will have Art on Monday, PE on Wednesday and Thursday, and Music on Friday. This year we will continue with our Enrichment program and have Spanish and Science twice a week. We will visit Dr.Sullivan this year in the Discovery Lab every other week.
    Your first homework assignment will be your "All About Me" bag. On the first day of school, I will share mine with you so you will get to know more about me! You will be assigned a day to bring in your own bag, so PLEASE CHECK YOUR PAPER FOR YOUR DAY TO SHARE. The assignment will be sent home on the first day of school along with a bag for your items. You may start thinking about your objects using the guidelines below.

    You need to bring in 5 objects that represent.
    1. Something special about you.
    2. Something you like to do
    3. Something important to you
    4. Something that represents your family
    5. Something that represents somewhere special you've visited

    Start looking for items you would like to share with me and the rest of the class. But please, do not bring in your items on the first day. Your day will be on the bottom of the page you will get on the first day of school.

    Please remember to bring back your summer reading and math packets the first week of school as well.

    You are welcome to bring a healthy snack to eat in the afternoon during our reading and writing block.  Examples of healthy snacks could include fruit, vegetables, pretzels, granola bars.

    I am looking forward to getting to know each and every one of you this year. I am excited to have an excellent year in 3rd grade. See you all on September 3rd!

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  • Mrs. Nagle's Spring Blog

    Posted by Teresa Nagle at 4/15/2013 5:00:00 PM

    Spring News from Mrs. Nagle’s Class


    Although it may feel like summer, we are not quite there yet! The children are keeping very busy with their bat research in Discovery Lab with Dr. Sullivan and in the library with Ms. Frick. In Science they have learned about life cycles, and are now investigating the three forms of matter.

    After learning about matter, we will complete our last Social Studies unit about Explorers. Then we will begin to review for the SOLS.

    In math we have just finished up our measurement unit and will begin our geometry unit. Please be sure to continue to practice the times tables (1-12) with your child. Children are expected to have the times tables mastered by the end of this quarter.   

    In reading we have been working on the skill of sequencing, and will now be concentrating on the reasons for reading different forms of text.

    In writing we have been finishing up our autobiographies to display at the Arts and Writers Fair. We hope to see you there on Thursday, April 18th!


    There is a lot coming up this month so please check these important dates:


    April 16- Discovery Lab- lesson on bat research

    April 17- Early Release (12:56)

    April 18- Library – Research on Bats

    April 18- Arts and Writers Fair

    April 20- Barrett 5K

    April 23- Earth Day- Lunch on the Lawn

    April 24- Honor Roll Assembly

    April 25- Discovery Lab Lesson

    April 29- Outdoor Lab (9:15-2:50)

    April 30- Planetarium (10:30-12:00)



    SOLs- the tentative schedule for third grade SOLS is:

    Science- May 22-23

    Reading- June 1-2

    Social Studies- June 4-5

    Math- June 6-7


    You will be getting more information soon. 

    If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know.





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  • January News

    Posted by Teresa Nagle at 1/29/2013 6:00:00 PM

    January Update

    Social Studies

    We are finishing our unit on Mali, Greece, and Rome.  Students have been learning about thephysical characteristics, architecture, human occupations, and government ofeach and how they have influenced our country. Students will have a quiz on Rome on Tuesday and a test on Mali, Greece,and Rome on Thursday.  The next unit wewill begin is a study of our government, including the three branches and theresponsibilities of each one. Immediately following that we will begin learning about famousAmericans, which will include figures new to third grade, and a review of thoselearned in earlier grades. 


    We are continuing our unit on multiplication anddivision.  Last week we investigated therelationship between multiplication and division.  Students have taken their Fact Fluencyassessment on their 0, 1, 5, and 10 times tables.  They are currently working on the 2, 4, and 8times tables.  Please continue topractice these at home as they will be tested on them next week.  From here we will begin working on the 3, 6,and nine times tables.  The 6, 7 ,8,  9, and 12 times tables often cause the mostdifficulty for students, so please be prepared to practice often at home.  We will continue to work on this unit for thenext several weeks, and expect that children will become fluent in their facts.We’ve recently starting using an online computer program called Moby Math.  This program identifies common core standardswhich students have difficulty with, and provides direct instruction andpractice.  There is also a fact fluencycomponent built into the program.  Thestudents can access Moby Math at home as well. To use it from home, log on to www.runmoby.com/va102.  Students should know there login and passwordfrom using the program at school.


    The students are working on using the “hamburger” graphicorganizer to plan and organize their writing. They are learning to write a paragraph using a strong topic sentence,details to support their topic sentence, and ending their paragraph with aclear concluding sentence.  They haveincorporated these components into their writing about the Mars orbiter thatthey learned about in the Discovery Lab with Dr. Sullivan.  They will use this same procedure to writeabout our upcoming lessons on the Lander, and Rover.  Students are learning to record importantinformation from their reading, and writing a summary from their notes.  Be sure to check out the book that studentswrote about our trip to Patuxent Wildlife Refuge. The books are available forfree download on the iPad with iBooks or on the computer with iTunes.  Be sure to search for “Field Trip toPatuxent”.


    In reading we are concentrating on comprehension strategiesduring large and small group instruction. Students are continuing to identifythe author’s purpose when they read.  Inaddition, they are learning to identify and record important ideas in theirreading, and learning to write summaries from their notes.  They have also been learning about how to usea dictionary, and the importance of guide words.  Children should be reading at home for 20minutes each night and completing their reading logs.  Reading logs are due each Monday.



    Feb.6- Early Release

    Feb.7- Field Trip to Green Springs Gardens

    Feb.11- Class Photo Day/ Honor Roll Assembly- afternoon

    Feb.13- Club Photo Day

    Feb.24- Class Valentine’s Party – 2:00-3:00

    Feb.18- Holiday- President’s Day

    Feb.28- STEM and Science Discovery Night

    March7-8- Parent/Teacher Conferences





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