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In order to begin to prepare every student to be college and career ready, we will using parent presentation in individual classrooms in grades K-2 and parent/community presenters for Career Cafe in grades 3-5.  Older students are encouraged to sign up and attend the presentations on careers they are most interested in learning more about. At the end of the year we acknowledge all our speakers on a bulletin board.
Career visitors present to classes in grades K-2 at a time worked out by classroom teachers.
Career Cafe visitors present to students in a classroom during lunch (grades 3-5). Students sign up to attend at least 3 sessions a year.
We also promote a college going culture throughout the year with first Friday College Spirit wear and a featured bulletin board each year. 

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A career path if a group of related occupations with general characteristics in common but different skill requirements. All students are taught about jobs and careers to develop career awareness. Grouping occupations into career paths makes the world of work more understandable to younger students as they begin their journey of career awareness to career exploration to career preparation. The paths are:






Building & Fixing and Technology

2011 Career Fair: Picture the Possibilities!

Students in grades 3-5 participated in a career fair held in the Nottingham multipurpose room. The students were able to visit displays and ask questions of parents and community volunteers who represented six career paths. For example, in the Creative Path there was a book author and TV broadcaster. In the Nature Path was a park naturalist and representative from the Animal Welfare League of Arlington. The other paths were Business, Helping, Health and Building and Fixing. The presenters helped students make the connection between schooling and real-world experiences.

2011 Career Fair: Picture the Possibilities!



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