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The Nottingham Knight Writer Exemplary Project

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June 24, 2011 (Question by Mr. Katoen's Tigers)
An extravaganza is amazing entertainment. How can you turn recess into an extravaganza?
I could turn recess into an extravaganza by having a clown show up and make balloons for everyone. Recess would be two hours long and there would be a dance floor. And there would be a dance competition. Whoever did the best dance would win a big balloon. Then there would be a water balloon contest on the blacktop to see whose balloon lasts the longest. There would be ice cream for everyone in a cooler. -- Reilly M. from Ms. Schaefer's second grade.

June 17, 2011 (Question by Jennifer O.)
If you could be any color from the crayon box, what would it be and why?

If I could be any color from the crayon box, I would be the color grey because I like the dolphins. They are super and they fight sharks. --Hannah M. from Mrs. Toner's Kindergarten class.
June 10, 2011 (Question from Sam G.)
If you could talk to animals, what would you say to them and why?
If I could talk to animals, I would talk to the endangered animals first. I would ask the animals how they feel and how we could help them. I would have a list of the animals that seem to be the most endangered in the world. I would go to the location of the species by a private jet and help them so they are not close to being endangered anytime soon. -- Camille P. from Ms. Matthews’ fourth grade.
June 2, 2011 (Question by Marina G.)
If you could run for president, what would your slogan be? What would you promise the American people?
If I were president, my slogan would be “Keep trying, even if it’s hard.” If I were president, I would build more preschools because my brother had a hard time getting into one. I would try to tear down some polluting buildings and replace them with some windmills. I would try to get this whole country to start using solar energy. I would build three huge houses for all the homeless people in the five most poor states. And because of that I would have to raise the taxes a tad. I would make the people with more money pay more taxes than the people with not that much money. I would try get people more active by making some contests with cool prizes. I would warn more people around the states about tornadoes. That’s what I would do if I were president. -- Maggie D. from Mrs. Howard’s third grade.
May 27, 2011 (Question by Mackenzie K.)
If you built a robot, what would you make your robot do and why?

If I had a robot, it would get me out of bed in the morning when I am asleep. Then it would make my breakfast. We would go to school. The robot would help me with math and social studies. At recess, it would play soccer with me. After school, we would walk home. The robot would help me do my homework and it would make dinner. Then, I would hook up the robot to an outlet. The robot would charge for 12 hours. Then it would be ready for another day of work!—Chapin S. from Ms. Costa’s fourth grade.

May 20, 2011 (Question from Caroline B.)
You have just invented a new ice cream flavor and it's a big hit! What is your new ice cream called? What does it taste like? What does it look like? Give as many details as possible. 
If I made a new ice cream flavor, I would call it the Purple Fruit Mixy-Matchy. It would have strawberry, chocolate, vanilla, and chocolate chips inside. On the outside, it would have a thick layer of grape flavored icing, topped with whipped cream, Oreos, and a cherry. Purple Fruit Mixy-Matchy tastes like fruit juice with chocolate except it is frozen. It would have the best cone ever. The cone would be made up of chocolate, peanut butter, and caramel. Purple Mixy-Matchy would be one tasty treat! – Chuck W. from Mrs. Costa’s fourth grade.
May 13, 2011 (Question by Kevin F.)
If you were going on a submarine trip, what would you pack and why?
If I went on a submarine trip, I would pack a bathing suit, a scuba diving suit, a pack of water, 2 packs of juice, 3 packs of hummus and pita chips, 4 packs of peanut butter sandwiches, 9 packs of regular sandwiches, and a big telescope so I can look at animals up close. I also would take clothes, so I can wear them. And a telephone and a computer. – Matthew B. in Mrs. Herlihy’s first grade
May 6, 2011 (Question by Jonathan D.)
If you could be any shape (circle, triangle, square, etc.), what would you be and why?
If I were a shape, I would be a star because I would like to go way up high. I could see planets like the sun and people would count me. Astronauts could see me. Also, I would have star friends and they would play star tag with me. I would have a Mommy star and a Daddy star. People would connect me to other stars to see a person in the sky. – Sara Z. from Ms. Jensen’s first grade 
April 29,2011 (Question from Ryan K.)
Imagine you are a pencil. Describe a day in your life. What do you do? Where do you go? What is your name?
Hi! My name is Penny the Pencil. I live in Jordan J’s desk. I am a mechanical pencil. My house isn’t much--books, pencils, glue, scissors, and me. Every day, my day goes like this: First, Jordan picks me up. Next, she presses down my eraser, which causes the lid to come up. Then, she puts me down lightly on the paper. She makes me write interesting stories, tiring stories, and school stuff. I love reading what she puts down. I always feel happy to know I helped her out. Sometimes, she uses other pencils. I get to rest during those times. Then Jordan leaves. After awhile, the lights go out and I sleep. One night, I was pushed out of the desk. I slept the night on the floor. I woke up in a strange red bin. In the morning, the kids coming in made a huge din! I was picked up and shoved into a strange desk. Later a strange person picked me up, pushed my eraser, and wrote with me. It was all too much. Then, it was dark. I woke up on the floor. Then I saw Jordan. She gently picked me up and wrote a story. It was a familiar story . . . like this one!—Jordan J. from Mr. Tarpey’s fourth grade
April 8, 2011 (Question by Evan W.)
If you could play on any college basketball team, which team would it be and why? Explain your answer.
My basketball team would be Georgetown because I like Georgetown. Their coach does not cheat. He plays by the rules. They are a great team and I would be glad to join the team. One of the players has my favorite number. They won the National Championship once. And my dad went to Georgetown. I would like to live there because it has a beautiful campus. Anthony G. from Ms. DeAtley's second grade
March 25, 2011 (Question by Ms. Langford's Leap Frogs)
You are a chocolate bar. Explain how you would convince someone it wasn't healthy to eat you.
If I was a chocolate bar, I would say this to stop someone from eating me, “Don’t eat me! I’m unhealthy. You could get cavities or worse, you could get sick! Then you would go to the dentist or stay home from school. And that would be a problem to hurt your teeth or to miss out on learning. So please don’t eat me or my other friends. Go and get some apples instead!” - Niko E. from Ms. DeAtley’s second grade
March 18, 2011 ( Question by Joey P.)
If you had wings and could fly, what would you see from the sky? Describe what you would see.
My hair twirling and flipping in the cool, breezy wind, I reach out my sky blue wings and soar above the scarlet maple trees. Zipping past robins sweetly chirping a melody, my feathery wings glide through the puffy, cotton balls of cloud-like scissors cutting through thin sheets of paper. Feeling as if I can be anything, everything, I soar with my bright blue wings. by Hannah B. in Ms. Barber’s fourth grade
March 11, 2011 (Question by Mrs. Reynolds in honor of Dr. Seuss's birthday)
If you could be in a Dr. Seuss book, what character would you be and why?
I want to be the character of Marco in And To Think That I Saw It On Mulberry Street because his mind is very creative and so is mine. -- Anderson B. from Mrs. Toner's Pooh Bears
February 25, 2011 (Question by Kevin F.)
If you were a millionaire, what would you do with your money and why?

If I were a millionaire, I would donate a quarter of my money to Nottingham because I could not have become rich without a good education. Then I’d buy a shark named Mick Jagger. But a sea animal dies without water, so I would need a really, really big fish tank. I would also need to find some way to get a hose into my house. I would make the community a better place by donating to local schools and inspiring people to name their pet sharks after people in the Rolling Stones. – Michael Z. in Mrs. Howard’s third grade class

February 18, 2011 (Question by Marina G.)
You are a snowman. A deer is staring at your carrot nose. What happens next? Describe your answer.

I am a snow man. A deer wants to eat my carrot nose. But I am too tall. I wish he could reach my nose, but I cannot move. Then a girl steps into my line of vision. The deer hides behind a tree. But the girl saw him looking at my nose. The girl takes my carrot nose and puts it on the ground. The girl leaves. The deer steps out of his hiding place and eats the carrot.Eleanor H. from Ms. Matthews’ fourth grade class

January 28, 2011 (Question by Dr. McCormac and Mrs. Gustafson in honor of No-Name Calling Week)
How can we make Nottingham a No Name-Calling zone?
I would make Nottingham a no name-calling zone by hanging machines on the ceiling with a bunch of tracks. The machines would hang over everyone’s heads. That means that when someone does or says something mean, they would have to do some really hard math work. The machine works like this: The noise detector listens and if somebody does something bad, there’s two pushers which push the ink which fall into the shapers, which print the paper with the math work. It falls to the ground. The student who said something mean does the work and turns it in at the check-in. The calculator calculates it. If the math work is right, the student can go. If the math work is wrong, the student has to do it all over again. This machine will make sure no one will be mean.Sam H. from Ms. Langford’s second grade.
January 21, 2011 (Question by Enrique D.)
If you could break a world record, what would it be and why?

If I could break a world record, I would make the most paintings. I could use the paint as glitter glue paint because I would put sparkles, glitter glue, glitter, and sequins on my pictures. My art would be like stained glass. – Sabrina B. from Mrs. Jensen’s first grade.

January 7, 2011 (Question by Nathan D.)
If you could write any book in the world, what would it be and why? 
If I could write any book in the world, it would be a cookbook. I would create healthy, smart, simple recipes. And I would have my family taste and tell me if I could write it down as a recipe for the book.—Natasha M. from Ms. Schaefer’s second grade
December 17, 2010 (Question by Sadie G.)
If you were a song title, what song would you be and why? 

If I was the title of a song, it would be “Three is the Magic Number,” because it tells you your times tables like 3X1=3 and 3X2=6. The first time I heard this song, my dad explained more about the times tables to me. Math makes you think. It is exciting and you do not know what you’ll learn next. This song tells you how to do your times tables. That’s why I would be “Three is the Magic Number” if I was a title of a song. – Alexandra L. from Mr. Katoen’s second grade

December 10, 2010 (Question by Mrs. Howard's Heroes)
Create an imaginary animal called a Web-Footed Ya-Tung. Where does it live? What does it look like? What does it eat? 

The Web-Footed Ya-Tung would be very hairy. His hair would be thick and black. He would hop around on his webbed feet like a frog. The Web-Footed Ya-Tung would live deep in rainforests. Most would live in caves. They would eat fish, berries, nuts, plants, and vegetables and they would drink strawberry milk. The Web-Footed  Ya-Tung would not be a good house pet because he is 9 feet tall and eats over 100 pounds of food a day. The Web-Footed Ya-Tung would sleep 19 hours a day and use the rest of his time to get food. The Ya-Tung lives to be over 100 years old. No one has ever caught one, but many people have seen one. They do not eat people and are very nice. – Gabrielle S. from Mrs. Jones’ fifth grade

December 3, 2010 (Question by Laila F.)
If you could be any number, what would it be and why?

I would like to be the number eight because I would not get confused if it was backwards or if it was the right way. Because the number eight is the same whether it is upside down or right side up. It looks the same!—by Sara C. from Mrs. Herlihy’s first grade.

November 5, 2010
Would you rather be a squirrel or a bird in the fall?
I would rather be a squirrel in the fall because all I would have to do is gather nuts for the winter and stay warm in my nest. But if you were a bird, you would have to migrate somewhere far away and that would be a whole lot of work. That’s why I would want to be a squirrel. And if you were a squirrel, you would have fur to keep you warm without migrating. That’s why in the fall, squirrels are always better than birds. – Geoffrey O from Mr. Tarpey’s fourth grade class.
November 19, 2010 (Question by Ryan K.)
Imagine you are a turkey. Give a Turkey Day speech to all Americans.

Hello! My name is Tom the Turkey! Welcome to Turkey Day 2010. Many, many years ago, pilgrims rode on the Mayflower in search of religious freedom in the new world. But the new world was harsh. Many pilgrims died. But then the Indians helped them learn how to grow crops and catch fish. So they celebrated it with a day called Thanksgiving, a day where everyone gave thanks for what they had. Thank you everyone! Goodbye! —Elizabeth P. from Ms. Matthews’ fourth grade
November 12, 2010 (This question is in honor of National Geography Awareness Week.)
Name a body of water in Virginia and describe why it is important in your life.
The James River is important to me because it runs beside one of my favorite places and our state capitol, Richmond. I see it on the road when I go to Richmond. It’s really pretty because of all the rocks and ducks. It is also special for the fish. The James River is a very long river. It’s one of my favorite rivers.– Alexis B. from Ms. DeAtley’s second grade class.
October 29, 2010
What is your favorite Halloween costume?
My favorite Halloween costume is a vampire because they are cool, scary, have white skin, and sharp teeth called fangs. They sleep during the day and are awake at night. Vampires suck blood. But don’t worry, my costume just has fake blood.—William T. from Mrs. Stewart’s third grade class.
October 22, 2010
What would you like about being an astronaut?
I would like to be an astronaut because it would be fun to go on the moon and look down at the earth. I would see the continents and the water. It would be exciting to go on a rocket ship. I would like the feeling of going up fast. It would be fun to float and do flips because there is no gravity. That’s why I would like to be an astronaut. -- Sawyer M. in Mrs. Costa's fourth grade class.
October 15, 2010
Should Arlington County pass a law to make everyone go car-free one day every week?
I think the county should not pass a car-free day as a law. They should pass it as one of those holidays where it would be nice to celebrate, but you don’t have to. It would be nice for the environment, but it could make it hard to be a good citizen. If you were running late and it was car-free day, you would be breaking the law if you drove a car to be on time. Then you would be considered a bad citizen for breaking the law. – Jack G. from Mr. Tarpey’s fourth grade class.
 October 1, 2010 (This question comes from Jonathan D.)
Who is your favorite storybook character? Explain your answer.

I like Totoro in the book, My Neighbor Totoro. I like Totoro because I like magic and adventure. It is fun. Totoro is my favorite book. It is very fun to look at the pictures. I like it a lot. Totoro helps me think about making stories. – Nico C. from Mrs. Jensen’s first grade class.

September 24, 2010 (This question is in honor of National Punctuation Day and comes from Maya N., Kirsten K. and Emmett K.)
If you were a period, you could stop things, just like a stop sign. What would you stop and why?
If I were a period, I would stop bad words because they are not appropriate and can hurt people’s feelings. If I were a teacher, I would teach nice and polite words. I would tell my students not to say the word, “hate,” because if you say it in a sentence like this, “I hate you!” it could really hurt someone’s feelings.
Vittoria T. from Mrs. Ready’s third grade class.
September 17, 2010
September 17th is Constitution Day. The Constitution established rules for the United States government. Discuss this question: Why do we need rules?

We need rules for lots and lots of things. Sports, school, home, play dates all have rules. Sports rules are be nice and play fair. School rules are be nice, play fair, listen to teachers, and make new friends every year. My home rules are to listen to Mommy and Daddy, read until 8:15, get in the shower when Mommy says, don’t get up in the middle of the night and play, and don’t get up at six a.m. Play date rules are listen to adults, play nice, don’t be shy, and most of all, be safe! Be safe rules help if you walk or ride your bike to school. Stop at a stop sign, watch for cars, look for crossing guards, and don’t go home with people you don’t know. If strangers give you candy, don’t eat it. We need rules to keep us safe. --by Madilyn H. from Mrs. Howard’s third grade.

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