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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Exploration Courtyard

 The Sunflower

My organism is the sunflower. The sunflower is one of the rare organisms in the courtyard. There are only a couple healthy ones currently identified. The sunflower isn’t common in the courtyard because squirrels destroy sunflowers found for food. Also they are spread all over because when the squirrels destroy the sunflower they spread the seeds in various directions.

Sunflowers are perennial plants so once they die, the plant itself doesn’t grow again but its seeds do. The sunflower researched is currently ten and ½ feet tall being almost at maximum growth and is soon to fully bloom. It has a straight stem covered with prickly hairs pointing away. The sunflower has large leaves with a rough texture to it and is coated with a light green shade.

This sunflower is located behind the blue bridge next to the stone path. It was originated here in North America at the summit of the Rockies. Sunflowers have been in the courtyard since it was made.

-Matthew F.



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