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Monday, June 27, 2016

Exploration Courtyard

Flower - Oriental Poppy (Pink Ruffles)

Oriental Poppy (pink ruffles)  
The Oriental Poppy's pedals are a peachy color. The pedal feels very soft like tissues. The stem and the leaves is green that feels rough and prickly. The leaves last through out the winter. The flower is about one foot nine inches tall, 48cm. tall. The leaf is about 10 in. long, 25 ½ in. long. The stem is about 5mm. wide.

The flower’s smell has a little bit of a smell that I can’t describe. The middle of the flower is a purplish, brownish, and blackish color. It’s located in the beginning of the path by the bricks. It only blooms during the spring. It stays through the year. In the summer you only need to water it during drought periods. In the pedals there are brown spots. It has bumpy edges on the pedals; that’s why they are called pink ruffles.         

- Kathryne S.
Last Modified on August 16, 2012