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The Mosaic Project:
One World, Many Stories


mosaic (moh-zay-ik) noun. 1.  the literacy-focused exemplary project at Oakridge Elementary School.  2. a patchwork of ideas, cultures, and people.

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   The President's Own United States Marine Band String Quartet
   On October 9, the United States Marine Band String Quartet, also known as The President’s Own, shared their music passion with Oakridge 4th and 5th graders. This captivating performance touched on a variety of music genres from classics like John Philip Souza and Ludwig von Beethoven to contemporary artists such as Bruno Mars. Students learned about the history of the band and their current duties through stories and comedic skits. At one point students spontaneously sang the lyrics to a Taylor Swift song. During a Q & A at the end of the performance, students asked thoughtful questions. “How do you get to be part of “The President’s Own?” “Well it’s a lot like American Idol except you are not on T.V.!” The String Quartet, who were outstanding both as artists and educators, are part of a joint endeavor between the music department and Mosaic, Oakridge’s exemplar project. Later this year the entire school, through Mosaic, will read and have hands-on literacy lessons around the book Hana Hashimoto, Sixth Violin by Chieri Uegaki. A special thank you to Oakridge music teachers, Zachary Martini and Amanda Martinsen, instrumental teacher, Ed Matthews, and Mosaic Project Coordinator, Dawn Amin-Arsala for making this experience possible.
Hana Hashimoto  

Questions or Comments? Please contact Dawn Amin-Arsala, Mosaic coordinator, at dawn.arsala@apsva.us .

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