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Reading Resources

(Replaced NCS Mentor)
From Virginia Department of Education
EAROBICSGood phonics practice
Click on Game Station for lots of reading games for grades K-3
Picture Pairs, Alphabet Soup, Story Maker, and Supermarket Spree


Interactive reading games for grades 3-5 - Jumble, Crossword Puzzle, Hangman, Vocabulary Quiz
Madlibs Jr.Click on Reading to find Funbrain Madlibs Jr. - 4 Madlib stories to create using bouncing words - FUN!
starfish http://www.starfall.com/Lots of activities for younger readers, including letter sounds.
http://spanish.eb.comSpanish edition of Encyclopedia Britannica
Comic CreatorComic Creator from Read*Write*Think
http://jc-schools.net/tutorials/interact-read.htm  Interactive Reading Websites
http://jc-schools.net/tutorials/interact-LA.htmInteractive Language Arts Websites
Harcourt Language Activities                          Grammar and Writing Activities                                             

Good reading lesson ideas NEW!


Into the Book is a great website that has very kid-friendly practice with comprehension strategies. NEW!


Great graphic organizers here for guided reading NEW! 

Word Sorts
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