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Gunston Hornet
Sponsor: Ms. Burgos
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Teams in the Knowledge Master Open receive curriculum-based contest questions (200 at secondary levels) on a CD-ROM and compete using a computer at their own schools. The event is held twice each year.

2013-2014 Knowledge Master Open Competition
Auk holding lamp The Fall competition was held December 11, 2013.
The Knowledge Masters did an excellent job in the fall competition. They answered 153 questions right on their first try and 26 on the second try for a total of 179 out of 200.
The Fall Knowledge Masters Team isKnowledge Masters
  • Milo C. - 6th grade
  • Lukas W. - 6th grade
  • Daniel B. - 7th grade
  • John B. - 7th grade
  • Parker D. - 7th grade
  • Isaac D. - 7th grade
  • Emilio L. R. - 7th grade
  • Mayu O. - 7th grade
  • Eli P. - 7th grade
  • Skylar M. - 8th grade

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