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"Hook 'Em With a Book"
Liz Burgos, our Gifted Education Specialist, wrote a mini-grant requesting funding for the 2009-2010 school year. The focus of the grant is to purchase books for the 7th grade English class' library to promote more independent reading. Based on the students' interest surveys, new books will include mystery, adventure, and non-fiction genres, and we would like to get books from the students' favorite authors. We are pleased to announce that it was fully funded at $500.00 by Arlington Public Schools.

Exxon/Mobil Grant

Thanks to the efforts of Hari Dutta, of our local Exxon gas station at 2720 South Glebe Road, Gunston Middle School has been awarded a $500 grant from the Exxon/Mobil Educational Alliance program. The money will be used to fund educational incentives. Funded by the Exxon Mobil Corporation, the ExxonMobil Educational Alliance program is designed to provide local Exxon retailers, like Mr. Dutta, with an opportunity to invest in the future of their community through educational grants to neighborhood schools.

SOL (Standards of Learning) Remediation Grant - SOLAR

SOLAR sessions have been implemented for 8th graders who have failed previous year's SOL tests and have continued to demonstrate poor academic performance. The sessions take place every Tuesday and Thursday during 8th and 9th periods, starting in January and ending in May.

The courses that are reinforced include Math, English, World Geography, Physical Science, and Reading. Parents and students participating in this program sign contracts to insure studentattendance and completion of the program.

Funding for SOLAR this year will be for $10,495, which pays for staff salaries and snacks for students.

Reading is Fundamental - RIF

RIFRIF of Northern Virginia provides the primary funding for RIF for Gunston. We were funded at $5 per child, based on an enrollment of 550 students - $3726. The school matches this funding with an additional 25% per child (931.50). PTA funding pays for some of these costs.

Three times during the school year, we have a distribution of free paperback books for every student at Gunston. All students have a full period to browse and select from the books on display. Students pick books on their own, with no "directing" by staff, as the emphasis is truly on reading for its own sake.

RIF of Northern Virginia has funded RIF at Gunston since the 2001-2002 school year.

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