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About Ms. Markowitz

Gecko HILT Teacher
Language Arts & Social Studies

Giraffe and Zebra

Masters of Education; Teaching English as a Second Language
, Fairfax, VA.

Masters of International Affairs; Economic and Political Development; Latin American Studies.
Columbia University, New York, N.Y.

Bachelor of Arts; Social Science; 1987. , , Ann Arbor, MI.


Ms. Markowitz worked for many years in the area of international affairs. She lobbied congress on foreign aid and debt. She worked for variety of development organizations in the areas of education reform and health. For instance, she administrated a United States funded project in the Dominican Republic to improve primary education and a Japanese government funded staff development project for Nepal's ministry of education.

Before teaching grade school students, Ms. Markowitz taught and later coordinated an English as a Second Language/ Literacy program in Washington, D.C. aimed at adults and families. She taught in Fairfax County before joining Arlington Public Schools.


Ms. Markowitz has always been interested in other cultures and places. As a child, she traveled extensively throughout the United States. Starting in her teenage years, she has worked, lived and traveled in over 30 countries in Latin America/ Caribbean, Europe, Oceania, Africa, and the Middle East.

Ms. Markowitz works with human rights organizations including the Washington Area Guatemala Committee and the East Timor Action Network. Ms. Markowitz has been involved in political street theater companies for over 15 years and has been known to perform in nontraditional venues around the city. She has many hobbies which include drawing and painting, reading, yoga, bicycling, traveling, hiking and camping. She is married and has two daughters.

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