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Monday, June 27, 2016

Gifted Services


A day in gifted services looks something like this:

  • A teacher and I will team up to create and teach a classroom lesson that will require higher-level thinking skills, creative problem solving, or our Arts and Technology focus. Example: Monsters, Political Cartoons, Mindmapping, or the upcoming Portfolio Project.
  • Arts focus lessons will incorporate elements of dance, drama, or performance to enhance writing or other core curricula skills. Examples: Praise Poems or the Coffee House performances.
  • Independent studies will include mini-lessons, a 2-3 week cycle, or a research quest that will explore in greater detail a classroom concept or theme. Examples: Reading Circles, Nature v. Humans Campaign, “The Next Fifty Years: What Will the World Need?” Inventions Study.
    (PowerPoint Example 1 & Example 2)
  • The Knowledge Masters teams will meet for practice and their eventual contests. Knowledge Masters is an on-line academic competition that is done here at school but competes with schools nationally and internationally. I run The Knowledge Masters Club consisting of two teams, one for 6th grade only and a 7th-8th combination team. Practices are during lunch for 3-4 weeks before each contest.
  • Small groups will work with me on projects that require short term interaction where I will either push in or pull out to work with kids. Examples: Earth Force Day, the Global Warming Summit.
  • Students drop in, parents call, identifications begin and end, etc. There is never a dull moment in Gifted Services!


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