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Academic Hallmarks
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Thousands of students on hundreds of teams from 50 states, Canada, Mexico, Africa, Asia, Europe, and South America compete academically twice each year without leaving their schools thanks to the unique design of the Knowledge Master Open (KMO). The competition takes place with a classroom computer, resulting in an international academic contest without traveling to a central site.
The curriculum-based questions in this competition reinforce and expand the knowledge and skills taught in school. Students also quickly learn that effective communication among team members enhances performance in the contest. Results of each of the two competitions are tabulated into national, state, and enrollment-size ranking by Academic Hallmarks, a Colorado publishing firm that hosts the event.
Scoring the most points, however, is not really the main point, according to the Knowledge Master of Ceremonies and Punster Aukxtraordinaire, the Great Auk. “The KMO builds strong minds in great ways by promoting cooperation, respect for teammates, quick thinking, analysis of information, application of knowledge, excitement for learning, and community recognition.”
Congratulations to our
2009 6th Grade Academic Hallmarks Team
Our students were the top scoring team in the world!

Academic Hallmarks

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