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Research Links (Pathfinders)

The Databases provided by Arlington County need a username and password for home access. You can find the usernames and passwords by going to Blackboard and clicking on the For Students tab across the top then Library Online tab.
Keywords for
Science projects
look up the individual subject such as: chemistry, electricity, magnetism, physics, plants
Reference Books
in collection
R/500/Enc - Encyclopedia of Earth and Physical Sciences (13 volumes)
R/503/Gro - Growing Up With Science  (17 volumes)
R/503/Wor - World Book Student Discovery Science Encyclopedia (12 volumes)
R/550.3/Exp - Exploring Earth and Space Science (11 volumes)
R/570.3/Enc - Encyclopedia of Life Sciences (13 volumes)
Call Numbers
in non-fiction
507.8 - science projects              520 - solar system                       530 - energy, motion                    540 -chemistry                      
550 - earth science
560 - dinosaurs
570 - life science
580 - plants
590 - animals

Print magazines
in our collection
National Geographic
National Geographic For Kids
Popular Mechanics
Popular Science

provided by Arlington County
need username & password at home
Encyclopedia Britannica
World Book Online

Newspaper and Magazine articles
ELibrary - includes multimedia
Gale Group52 databases including:
SIRS Discoverer - for middle school level. Contains newspaper, magazine, reference articles. Also pre-approved Websites!
SIRS Knowledge Source  for high school level. Contains newspaper, magazine, reference articles. Also pre-approved Websites! Check out the PRO vs CON link on the right hand side.
Good Websites General Science Information

Good Websites Animals
Encyclopedia of Life
I.T.I.S. - Integrated Taxonomic Information System (US Government )
Good Websites Biographies

Good Websites Biology
Good Websites
Chemistry For Kids - About.com
Interactive Concepts in Biochemistry

Good Websites Climate & Global Warming
Climate Change - Kids Site - Environmental Protection Agency
Global Climate Change - Exploratorium in San Francisco
Global Warming - National Geographic Society
Ology-Climate Change - National Museum of Natural History
What's Up With the Weather? - PBS
Good Websites Elements
There is a separate Elements Pathfinder
Good Websites                                                                  Energy & Environment
Daily Green: the Consumer's Guide to the Green Revolution
eCycling - click on Where You Live for local info. - Environmental Protection Agency
Earth Day - EPA
Electronics Recycling Superguide - PC Magazine
Electronics Take Back Coalition
Energy Kids - U.S. Energy Information Association
Energy Quest - California Energy Commission
Energy Savers - U.S. Dept. of Energy
Energy Star - government site has KIDS link
FERC Students' Corner - Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
Following the E-Waste trail - Greenpeace
Following the Trail of Toxic E-Waste - video from CBS's 60 Minutes
Green Squad - National Resource Defense Council
Guide to Greener Electronics - Greenpeace
How Can I Recycle This?
Kids Saving Energy - U.S. Dept. of Energy
Learning About Renewable Energy - National Renewable Energy Laboratory
NRC: Students' Corner - U. S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission
Touchstone Energy Kids Zone
Good Websites  Food
Science of Cooking - Exploratorium Museum, San Francisco
Food Timeline
Databases provided by Arlington &
Good Websites
Genetics - Ms Zimmerman
Gale Group - find Opposing Viewpoints

Council For Responsible Genetics
Gene Therapy - National Institute of Health
Gene Therapy - U.S. Government Human Genome Project
Hastings Center
Human Genome Project - U.S. Government
Stem Cells
Databases provided by Arlington &
Good Websites
Inventions and Inventors
Newspaper and Magazine articles
Gale Group
Biography in Context - reference book information on people - awesome site!
History in Context
Innovative Lives - Smithsonian
Invention at Play - Smithsonian
Inventors and Inventions - Enchanted Learning
Good Websites Life Science
Good Websites Physics
Physics 2000 - University of Colorado
Physics World - U.K.'s Institute of Physics
Good Websites Plants

Good Websites Plants - for HILT students
Good Websites
Science Projects
All Science Fair Projects
Chemistry For Kids - About.com
DragonFly TV - PBS
How Stuff Works - Discovery 
Math Ideas For Science Fair Projects - Drexel School of Education
Science Experiments For Kids
Science Fair Central
Science Fair Project Resource Guide - Internet Public Library
Science Fairs - Cyberbee
Science's 10 Most Beautiful Physics Experiments
Super Science Fair Support System

Good Websites Space
There is a separate Space Pathfinder
Good Websites Sports
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