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Thursday, November 27, 2014


Ms. Zaberer's Art Page
Welcome Back to School! Excited for a new school year!
Please click on the grade level galleries to see what your child is doing in art!
Happy Thanksgiving!

Students looked at the artwork of James Audubon and painted warm colors turkeys. 
 Monday, September 15, 2014 is International Dot Day
Dot Day is a celebration of creativity and making your mark! The Dot by Peter H. Reynolds is a story about a girl in art class and inspiration, courage, and creativity.
On Monday the students in art class will be making their mark by creating their own dot and joining them together to see how everyone creates differently. Above is a photo gallery of our collaborative creation and the students working on their dots.
 For more information click on
Dot Day 
Kindergarten Papermaking

NAEA Conference
Ms. Zaberer will be presenting at the National Art Education Association Conference in San Diego. She will be presenting about art technology and using iPads in the art room. Here is a link to her presentation website  
Kindergarten Kandinsky
The kindergarten students created Kandinsky circles using the Brushes App on the iPad
 Mural is complete, watch the transformation slide show.
5th Grade Photoshop Elements 
5th grade students just completed their photoshop self-portraits inspired by Andy Warhol's Marylin Monroe.




If you have any questions about the visual arts program at Long Branch please email Ms. Zaberer.

We have a part time art teacher,
Ms. Kohler, she teaches here on Monday and Tuesday MIPA- Ms. Gaston, VPI- Ms. Loney, K- Ms. Crowers and Ms. Manzano, 1st- Mr. D'Addario and Ms. Van Order, and Mrs. Roberts 2nd
Click here to view Ms. Kohler's Art Page with more student artwork.