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Links for Parents

Online Resources for Parents
SOL Online Practice and Assessment
  • SOL Practice Items - New SOL test content and TEI (Technology Enhanced Items). You'll need Java to run this program. Please be patient as it does take a little bit of time to load it. 
  • SOL Released Tests - Sample sets of Standards of Learning (SOL) tests.
  • ePat - The Virginia Electronic Practice Assessement Tool is intended to support and enhance student preparation for the Standards of Learning Assessments. You will need to download and install the ePat Launcher before downloading and accessing the released tests. Here are directions on how to install the ePat software on your PC.
  • VirginiaSOL.com - A privately owned and maintained site that includes practice tests by grade level and homework help.
  • Jefferson Lab - A great resource! The JLab offers review help to students preparing for the Virginia SOLs.
Nottingham Online Blackboard Community
BlackBoard is a virtual learning environment (VLE) that supports online resources and learning activities. The Nottingham Online BlackBoard Community will be used as an electronic tool to communicate and collaborate with parents and students. Each student will have access to the main Nottingham Online content and in some instances grade level information. The Nottingham Online Blackboard Community is a secure website. Students will need to use their username and password to gain access. Click here to download the handout on how to login to Blackboard.
Parents may gain access to the Nottingham Online only as a guest by:
  1. Going to http://apsva.blackboard.com/ or from the Nottingham website, clicking on the Blackboard link on the right sidebar.
  2. Login using nottingham (*please use lower case letters only) for both the username and password
  3. Click on the Nottingham Online link in the My Courses section.
  4. Other resources worth checking out: Click on the Elementary tab to access curriculum related links to recommended websites.


A list of highly rated and award winning children's books that is easily accessible by topic and reading levels.
Internet Safety

Internet Smarts
This site has a great downloadable document called Internet Smarts: Safeguarding Your Children in a Digital World as well as a quiz that parents and students can do together!




Check Before you Click! - Arlington Public Schools is committed to keeping our students safe on the Internet. Be sure to check this site regularly to find out the latest resources available.


MySecureCyberspace - A Free Educational Resource Created by Carnegie Mellon University to Empower You to Secure Your Part of Cyberspace
NetSmatz - This educational resource uses interactive activities and games to raise awareness about the Internet and proper online behavior for young people.


Get Net Wise - This site is all about keeping children safe online. Additional information is available on privacy, security and SPAM.
WiredSafety - This site provides help, information and education to Internet and mobile device users of all ages. Help is available for victims of cyberabuse ranging from online fraud, cyberstalking and child safety, to hacking and malicious code attacks; along with help for parents with issues, such as Social Networking (MySpace, Facebook etc.) and Cyberbullying.
Safe Kids - Here is a family guide for everything parents need to know about keeping kids safe on the Internet.





Type to Learn is a challenging software program used in the third grade to teach keyboarding. The computer program is made up of a total of 22 lessons with corresponding practice games and speed building exercises. The goal of the program is for student to learn proper keyboarding skills while reinforcement correct key stroking and posture. Emphasize is placed on increasing speed and accuracy. The keyboard instruction is facilitated by the classroom teacher in the computer lab and students practice drills throughout the year. The program tracks individual progress and reports will be sent home to parents semi-annually. For additional information on this product, checkout the Sunburst website.
Dance Mat Typing - An excellent resource from the BBC. I believe you and your child will have countless hours practicing your typing skills on one of the best online typing programs I have seen. Dance Mat is a fun colorful site with lots of activities and plenty of feedback.


Interesting Websites from the Math Office


Resources for parents and students; links to information about the math curriculum, state resources, dictionaries, activities for students, copies of summer math packets, etc.

Pre-K to gr 1; counting activities

Pre-K to gr. 8; scroll down to Numbers � Flash Games.

Pre-K to gr. 8; interactive math skills games

Gr. 3-5; practice the MathDice games

K to gr. 8; website from Australia; illustrated dictionary of math terms

Gr. 3-6; games using multiplication skills

Pre-K to gr 12; some activities for pre K to gr. 1 can be very challenging

K to gr. 6; may take a minute or two to load

K to gr. 6; website from Australia with large number of activities and games

K to gr. 6; puzzles, number games, and fact practice

Pre-K to gr. 6; Foundation level (learning number names, simple counting), Stage 1 (gr. 1-4),
Stage 2 (gr. 2-6)


Computer Lab Activities

A lists of websites rated by popularity.

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