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Tuesday, April 21, 2015


o Oakridge Philosophy o
Oakridge Elementary School supports the Arlington Public Schools philosophy as we deliver quality education and maximize the strength and potential of each child. We strive to enable children to become educated, self-confident, well-rounded and responsible citizens.

Oakridge School is committed to the belief that education is a lifelong developmental process that occurs at school, at home and in the community. Our school program fosters the development of habits and attitudes that promote intellectual, physical, aesthetic and social well-being. We believe in teaching children how to accept responsibility for their actions and nurture the development of positive self-worth. We want children to understand themselves, respect others and realize their full potential.

We affirm the need for each child to understand, respect and appreciate his/her own heritage and culture as well as that of others. Acknowledging the unique international diversity of our school, we are committed to providing a program of instruction that capitalizes on the rich experiences and perspectives of our children and their families. 
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