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Grade Two

2nd Grade Team
Name: Jennifer Burgin
Email: Jennifer.burgin@apsva.us
Name: Martha Fishbein
Email: Martha.Fishbein@apsva.us
Name: Rachael.Fine
Email: Rachael.Fine@apsva.us
Name:Christina Titus
Email: Christina.Titus@apsva.us
Name:Courtney Henry
Email: Courtney.Henry@apsva.us
Name:Veronica Munoz
Email: Delia.Munoz@apsva.us

  Curriculum Calendar
 Second Grade Homework Policy
 The purpose of second grade homework is to review and reinforce curriculum when necessary.
 Second graders should read for at least 20 minutes every night and any additional homework should not exceed 30 minutes. For an additional homework challenge feel free to try the challenge math links below.
If you have any further questions please email your student's teacher. 
Last Modified on December 18, 2014