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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Grade Three

3rd Grade Team
Name: Elizabeth Kuleski
 Name: Glenda Pinckney
Email: glenda.pinckney@apsva.us
 Name: James Proctor
Email: James.Proctor@apsva.us
Name: Elizabeth Tem
Email: Elizabeth.Tem@apsva.us
Name: Olivia Funnye
Email: Olivia.Funnye@apsva.us

3rd Graders Take Flight!

Important Dates
January 19, 2015                    Martin Luther King, Jr. Day 
January 20, 2015                    Teacher Work Day
January 29, 2015                               3rd Grade Field Trip to U.S. Capitol
February 11, 2015                    Early Release Day
February 16, 2015                    President's Day
March 5-6 , 2015                              Parent/Teacher Conference
Field Trips:  Please check your child's Thursday folder for information and permission slips for upcoming field trips.
Third Grade Swimming Dates:
April 7 through April 13th = Mrs. Pinckney, Mr. Proctor's Classes,  and 1/2 of Kuleski's Class.
April 14 through April 20th = Mrs. Funnye, Ms. Tem's Classes and 1/2 of Kuleski's Class.
* Please direct all questions regarding the swimming program to our P.E. Teachers, Mr. Fishbein and Ms. Rios.

If you have any further questions please email your student's teacher. 
Last Modified on January 8, 2015