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Welcome to Taylor’s Reading Department


Taylor’s reading specialists serve as leaders in implementing and maintaining a school wide Language Arts Program. As Reading Specialists we model and promote the use of best instructional and assessment practices to ensure successful student performance.

The Reading Specialist promotes literacy in the school by

  • Informing teachers of information related to literacy instruction
  • Participating in all school wide literacy initiatives
  • Selecting instructional materials for Language Arts Program

The Reading Specialist promotes professional development by

  • Helping teachers implement the Virginia SOLs
  • Modeling instructional strategies in classrooms
  • Evaluates needs and plans staff development

The Reading Specialist instructs, assesses and evaluates by

  • Providing guided, specific reading instruction to students who have difficulty learning to read
  • Teaching reading strategies directly to students
  • Co-teaching with classroom teachers to support the Language Arts Program
  • Serve as a resource to teachers to assist in developing curriculum
  • Assisting teachers and the principal in the assessment of student’s performance and the adjustment of instruction to meets specific student needs

The Reading Specialist promotes literacy connections between and community by

  • Serving as a resource as well as a liaison between classroom teachers, parents, and the community in promoting literacy development
  • Conducting workshops for parents
  • Recognizing the importance of literacy and creating programs such as the school wide Reading Incentive Program
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