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Gunston Cohort Program

Gunston Hornet

Gunston Cohort Program Star

The GUNSTON COHORT PROGRAM strives to increase the number of African-American and Hispanic students who pass SOL tests, make the honor roll, and read at or above grade-level. Four groups led by trained GMS staff members will meet weekly to support and encourage each other to maximize their academic potential.

We believe all students can achieve, and that all students deserve educational opportunities to make them successful. Gunston strives to create a school environment that fosters positive relationships, engagement in meaningful school citizenship, and academic excellence.

girls cohort

Cohort Sponsors

  • 7th Grade Girls:
    Ms. Beecher,
    Ms. Kolody and Dr. Roaché

  • 8th Grade Girls:
    Ms. Chapuis and
    Ms. Rogers.

  • 8th Grade Boys:
    Mr. Cabana

boys cohort

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