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Minority Achievement

Minority Achievement @ Gunston

Minority Achievement Coordinator
Madeline La Salle

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Mission: To ensure that all students have equal access and opportunity for success.

It is the goal of the Office of Minority Achievement to assist students, families and schools in the attainment of academic excellence by:

  • matching and monitoring students’ involvement with pre-existing as well as self-initiated educational and/or culturally enriching opportunities;
  • teaching parents and students to navigate the system so that educational goals are realistic and attainable.
  • encouraging students to take challenging courses throughout their academic careers.
  • helping to ensure that students have equal access to all academic programs.
  • encouraging students to discover and utilize resources that will help them progress towards their personal goals.
  • teaching parents and students to become positive and effective self advocates.
  • exposing students to the rigors and expectations of the next level of education.
  • providing teachers with direct support and strategies for working with families of a diverse student population.

Questions or feedback? Email: MLaSalle@arlington.k12.va.us

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