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All About H-B Woodlawn

All About H-B Woodlawn

School Hours are 9:24 AM to 4:06 PM although some students may have classes at 8:20 AM
Main Office phone: 703-228-6363; Fax: 703-558-0317

H-B Woodlawn gazeboThe H-B Woodlawn Program is based on a proposal developed by students and teachers in Arlington, and approved by the Arlington County School Board in 1971. The Program for grades 6-12 is now in its forty-fourth year. Contact Principal Casey Robinson for more information.

The H-B Woodlawn Program is designed to provide our students with more control over their education than traditional comprehensive schools permit. We prize self-motivation and self-discipline in our students, for we know that these characteristics are vital for success here. We also work hard to inculcate these habits in our students, incrementally increasing freedom and expectations of responsibility through the grades.

The central focus of our system is student choice. Students make choices in three general areas, use of time and personal behavior, educational goals and school governance.

See our School Profile for more information about our philosophy, program and student profiles including test scores and colleges the class of 2014 are attending.

Admission Information - Application to H-B Woodlawn is by lottery. Information is available from the Communications Coordinator at the Education Center, (703) 228-7667. For additional information on the application process, please see go to the Application Process page.

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