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Databases have better information than you might find on a standard search engine. The material you find will be "deeper" and can be less biased than what is on the net.  Start here to understand your topic, then go surfing.

All of the databases listed below are available in school without login or password information.  To access these from home login to Blackboard:  http://apsva.blackboard.com/webapps/portal/frameset.jsp with Mozilla Firefox, then click on the "Student" tab on the upper right.  After this, click on the "Library Online" tab on the upper left.  All of the remote access logins and passwords are listed for each database.  Report any problems to the H-B Woodlawn library staff.

Don't forget to check out the Public Library offerings.  When accessing their databases, look for the "eSources" link. (By the way, you MUST have a public library card to access these materials.)  The Arlington Public Library has extensive resources, including the Learning Express site (practice tests) and Informe!, a Spanish database. Find them, and more, at:

Public Library


World Book

World Book -- one of the most trusted encyclopedias comes to us online.  Check out the unique "Explore Virginia" feature.  www.worldbookonline.com/wb/Home

Britannica Online

The world's best encyclopedia is now available online. Explore Britannica for quick articles, and in-depth materials as well. Excellent links to the outside web and periodicals, in addition to a dictionary, atlas, thesaurus and timelines. Check it out.  school.eb.com         

Britannica in Spanish! spanish.eb.com
Bartlett's Quotations is now online!  Find those famous phrases:  http://www.bartleby.com/100/

The most comprehensive information on nations anywhere. Beyond the basics ... get interesting facts, recipes and more.  online.culturegrams.com



Check out the CIA World Fact Book.  This government resource is an essential when getting to know the details on individual nations.  https://www.cia.gov/library/publications/the-world-factbook/ 

To view a short tutorial (1:35) on using eLibrary, click HERE.  eLibrary provides access to magazines, books, images and more. Their most popular feature of late are their "interactives".  Check it out.   elibrary.bigchalk.com
In the "you knew it was coming" category, welcome to the Gale Cengage databases. This virtual storehouse has it all -- magazines, reference books, and more. Want to find a pie chart of the ethnic breakdowns in Virginia?  An alternative medical treatment for skin problems?  A biography of that 18th century philosopher your social studies teacher adores, a reader's advisory program with over 100,000 titles, a military and intelligence database?  HERE  (Note: to see the video from school, see the librarian to unblock our filter.)
To see a short video (5:38) on the use of Gale History Resource, go to this YouTube site
(Note:  to see the video from school, see the librarian to unblock our filter.)
Gale has many "subsets".  Below are listed some of the subsets that are of specific interest to our students (to get these from home, go through the Gale link on Blackboard):

   Like, every person ever.
   Biography Resource Center: Here
   Lit Resource  
   11th & 12th English Students -- check it out!
   Literature Resource Center:  Here

   Contemporary Literary Criticism Select:  Here
opposing viewpoints
   Have an opinion?  Want to see the other side?  Need to explore a hot topic?

   Opposing Viewpoints: Here

   Science Research that is up-to-the-minute.

   Gale Science in Context:  Here
   Reference texts, images, even audio. 

   Everything from the Bronze Age to Apartheid.
   Gale World History in Context:  Here

   American History from the very beginning. 

   Designed to work with Smart Boards!
   Gale U.S. History in Context:  Here
   Psychology Database -- find out how you tick ... Here
  Important to get Health information from an "authoritative" site:  here
CQ Researcher is based on the Congressional Quarterly, a respected publication that profiles a specific "hot topic" each week. Known for its objectivity and balance in presentation, this resource is an excellent choice for High School students studying Government or Modern History:  HERE

elibrary science
Our first Science-specific database in a easy to search interface.  A quick video tutorial (2:08) on using this resource is available HERE.  Check out the actual database HERE
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