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Teacher Info


We can support your classroom in a variety of ways:


A good research project involves lots of little details -- we can help!  Show us your assignments (or better yet, plan them with us) and we can let you and your students know what resources are available.  We can find websites for specific projects, and are eager to purchase materials that fit into your curriculum.  You can book time in the library, reserve computers, and ask for assistance with your students ... which can be in your classroom or a computer lab, if more convenient.  And don't forget to give us a "heads up" on units you assign for independent study, so that we can have materials available for them, including equipment like cameras and camcorders.

Beyond the Printed Page

The library has a large collection of AV materials such as DVDs, Videos and Audiobooks in addition to our online databases.  

Teachers are encouraged to use Learn360 and Discovery Learning streaming video sites for classroom applications.  Details on access can be obtained from the ITC.  Cable in the Classroom guides are also made available each month in the library and through team leaders and department heads.  Blank video & audiotapes are provided free to staff as needed.



We provide Televisions, LCD projectors, DVD/VCR players, PA Speaker Boxes, Overheads and Tape Recorders for long-term use in your classroom.  We additionally lend Digital Cameras, Camcorders, Tripods and Slide Projectors on a short-term, reserve basis.

Professional Resources 

The library maintains a professional collection and encourages teachers to use the Professional Library resources at the Evelyn Syphax Center across from the Ed Center on Quincy Street.  We can Interlibrary Loan from this location for you.  There are also several databases which provide you to access to information for your professional needs.

Outside Resources 

In addition to the wide selection of books and journals available at Syphax Center, there is the Instructional Media Production Center (IMPC) at the Clarendon Center.  IMPC offers laminating, button making and many other graphics opportunities.  Email Carolyn Thomas for information on hours and special projects.  Theresa does laminating for staff on each teacher workday of the year.

Last Modified on November 1, 2011