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About the Library

About the Jefferson Library

Kirsten Wall, Librarian (kirsten.wall@apsva.us)

Donna Gavin, Library Secretary

Library Telephone number: 703-228-5894

Student Hours & Access

  • Students may use the Library from 7:20am (no earlier!) to 3:30pm. Enter through the Green Doors from outside at 7:20am. You must have work to do.
  • We are closed during TA.
  • All students coming during class time must have a written pass from a teacher unless they are coming with their class.
  • We are open most days during lunches—except for TAB days and times when we are at capacity with classes.
  • After school, you may enter without a pass until 2:30pm; after that, you must have a note from a teacher.


  • Books and audiobooks check out for 3 weeks and can be renewed. Any student with overdues is blocked from checking out more materials. Magazines check out overnight and are due the next school day.
  • There will be periodic distributions of overdue lists. Please clear your name from these lists right away. If you have a question about your Library record, please see one of us in the Library immediately. Your name will remain on our lists until you take care of your Library problems.

ACORN and Interlibrary Loan (ILL)

  • ACORN (Arlington County’s Online Resource Network), the online catalog, has many useful research applications and lists materials available at other schools and public libraries. Students and staff are welcome to use ILL to obtain any item from another school (subject to availability). Unfortunately, we cannot get Public Library material through ILL, but reserves can be placed by phone.
  • There is a link to ACORN from the Jefferson Library page. This great resource is accessible from any computer with Internet access.

Overdues and Lost or Damaged Books

  • We do not charge for overdues. However, students with overdue books may not check out any other material until they resolve the problem. We reserve the right to give detention to students with sever overdues or to withhold those students from some field trips.
  • Lost or damaged books must be paid for. If a lost item is later found, you will receive a full refund with a check sent to your home.


  • You must always talk with us before you use a Library computer and before printing.
  • The computers in the Library are for research (including post-research word processing) at all times. There is to be no e-mail, web surfing, or game playing.

ACORN and Interlibrary Loans (ILLs)

  • ACORN (Arlington County's Online Resource Network), the online catalog is the way you search for books or other materials in the Jefferson Library or at other schools. If the item you want is not at Jefferson, we can use ILL to get it for you from another school (subject to availability).

Jefferson Library Webpages

  • We have been working on making the Library webpages useful to students, staff, and parents. Please let us know if you find a great site you’d like to have linked. And keep checking the site—it is constantly changing.
  • The Research Databases page has links to many wonderful resources to help you with projects you may have to do for classes:
    • ACORN
    • Grolier’s Online Encyclopedias (including the Encyclopedia Americana, Grolier’s, the New Book of Knowledge, and the New Book of Popular Science)
    • Encyclopaedia Britannica Online School Edition (includes Encyclopaedia Britannica, Compton’s, and Britannica Elementary)
    • World Book Online
    • Two databases of fulltext magazine articles: EBSCOhost and SIRS
    • Thomson Gale: 20 databases on a variety of subjects (including Biography In Context, Science in Context, What Do I Read Next?, Infotrac, Health & Wellness Resource)
    • CultureGrams: searchable information on the countries of the world (there’s also a Kids edition with fewer countries that’s written for younger students) and the states of the US.
  • Many of these resources are also available from home. Go to http://arlington.mackinvia.com, begin typing Jefferson for school name, select Jefferson from the drop-down list, and type in your "One Login" info to access the databases.

LibraryIconany questions about this site, e-mail kirsten.wall@apsva.us
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