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School Board Advisory Councils and Committees

School Board Advisory Councils and Committees


The School Board actively seeks the advice of community members through a wide range of advisory committees and councils.  These advisory committees and councils are appointed by the School Board, advise the School Board and, when appropriate, make recommendations on issues or policies related to the successful operation of the school system.

The Arlington School Board believes that effective community participation will:

  • Encourage a sense of community ownership of and responsibility for the Arlington Public Schools.
  • Encourage the free flow of ideas and opinions between the community and the School Board.
  • Provide the School Board and administrators with advice on matters important to the successful operation of the school system.
  • Provide a continuous, systematic review of the programs, facilities and operations of the Arlington Public Schools.
  • Assist the School Board in its deliberation on selected topics.
  • Provide assistance in the general oversight and planning activities of the School Board.
  • Encourage active dialogue and participation by members of the community in the decision making process of the School Board.
  • Contribute to sound decision-making at all levels of the school system and sound policy setting by the School Board.

Advisory Council on Instruction
      Cochairs:  Ted Black and Louisa Marinaccio
      Email Contact: dstblack@msn.com
Advisory Council on School Facilities and Capital Projects
      Chair: Kelly King
      Email Contact: kmkingmail@yahoo.com
A collaboration between the County, Arlington Public Schools, the Study Committee and the community, including a Resident Forum.
Budget Advisory Council
      Chair:  Michael Shea
      Email Contact:
County Council of PTAs
      Chair:   Chris Ditta
      Email Contact:
Student Advisory Board
      Cochairs:  To be determined in September 2015
      Staff Liaison:  Cintia Johnson, Assistant Superintendent, Administrative Services
School Health Advisory Board
      Cochairs:  Katie Adamson and Vera Cardinale
      Staff Liaison:  Dr. Brenda Wilks, Assistant Superintendent, Student Services
      Meeting Schedule
School Plan Advisory Committees
School Plan Advisory Committees are selected by the School Principal each year. 
For information on all Arlington Public Schools Advisory Committees, click here.
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