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Friday, December 19, 2014



Technology-Enriched Library and Computer Lab

In the main instructional and reading area of the Kenmore Library, an audio enhancement system allows clear audio transmission throughout the instructional space, while the instructor speaks in a normal voice.

Library Computer Lab

The Library includes a computer lab equipped with 18 work stations, in two tiers. The configuration enhances instruction as teachers can have students use the counter/desktops for note-taking and then can supervise student work online. The Lab features a ceiling mounted presentation projector that is used in conjunction with the permanently-mounted SmartBoard, an interactive whiteboard that facilitates instruction and learning.



Four ACORN online library catalog terminals allow all Library  users to search for materials in both the Arlington Public Schools and Arlington County Public Libraries. Students may also access ACORN from home through the Kenmore website or at: http://www.acornweb.org/school-html.

Other Available Technology

A variety of equipment is available to support school-related activities (classroom projects, field trips, and major dance, music and drama productions). These include: DVD players, boomboxes, digital cameras and camcorders,  LCD projectors, and speaker systems.

Last Modified on November 10, 2014