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Thursday, July 02, 2015

Cart/Lab Reservations


Williamsburg Computer Lab and Laptop Cart Reservations

In using these carts, teachers MUST:
  • monitor students while they are using the laptops
  • notify the ITC if there are any technical issues right away
  • have the last class of students completely shut down the laptops
  • put the laptops back in the correct slots in the cart
  • return the cart to the room that houses that cart

Team Laptop Carts
Teachers can view lab reservations through this APS Google Site (make sure that you are logged into your APS Google account). This is just to review the carts. To make actual reservations on a Google calendar, please log into your APS Google account. Then go to the Calendar resource and look under "Other calendars". More details on how to reserve laptop cart/lab.
We strongly suggest that team members talk to one another and work out a schedule together.

Off Team Laptop Carts
If their team laptop cart is being used, teachers can request using an off team cart. The requested date(s) of use must be in the current week of when you submit this request to the ITC.
Click here to go to the online form. This online form is the ONLY way that the off team laptop cart requests can be made. Please do NOT email or call about this.
Last Modified on July 3, 2014