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The Multi-Intervention Program for Students with Autism, MIPA, is offered to students with Autism Spectrum Disorder across grade levels. Abingdon has Primary MIPA(K-2nd) and Secondary MIPA(3rd-5th)classrooms. Each classroom can have up to six students with two paraprofessionals and one teacher. 

Our students usually have strong visual-memory skills and learn best through hands-on activities. We implement many research-based teaching methods including discrete trial training, pivotal response training, incidental teaching, functional communication training, and social skills training. All of our instruction is data-driven and the individual needs of each child are always the top priority.  When appropriate, it is the goal to have most students access the general education setting to learn and socialize with their grade-level peers.
For more information about MIPA, visit the Special Education page in the Programs & Services section of the Arlington Public School Web site, www.apsva.us.
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