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Claymation and Videography

Students in grades 2-3 study claymation and videography as part of the Communications Class during their learning wheel.  Claymation videography is a great way to fully integrate visual art, technology, and content in a seamlessly, authentic, and motivating way!  The students must manipulate data between various programs to film, edit, add voice-overs, add sound clips and music, add still images, and create a final DVD.  We must learn about the art behind film and photography to make our movies more visually appealing and interesting for our audience.  The students experience multimedium art design through building 3D sets and characters that will be able to move in a semi-realistic manner.  Weaved into these art and technology objectives are content, reading, research and writing skills.  All of our claymation movies are based on the Science or Social Studies SOLs at each grade level.

The first and second graders use FlipCams and Sony Handicams to learn videography.  We study camera shots, film etiquette, and editing with FlipCam Software and iMovie.  The students incorporate these films into Keynote presentations based. 
Flip Cam

Third and fourth graders are studying the art of claymation and video production.  This year the students are working in teams of 6 to create a biography claymation movie about an important historical figure from their Social Studies curriculum.  The students must reasearch their character using BlackBoard, create a timeline of the characters life based on their research notes, and turn that timeline into a storyboard of the various scenes and the script needed for their movie.  From the storyboard, students will craft the characters out of clay and build sets to fit the settings of each scene.  Using iStopMotion, iMac computers and Sony Handicams, the students will film the visual parts of their movie.  Students must then edit their visuals on iMovie and add the voice-over narrations, still images, music, text, titles, and credits. Finally, our films will be shown to our family and friends at our June Project GIFT Showcase Night!

  Movie  Movie
Click on the Documentation above to view the objectives, process, and reflections. Click on the Movie above to view the process in action.   It will take a few minutes for the movie to load.
 Click on the Movie above to see samples of finished products.  It will take a few minutes for the movie to load.
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