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Acceptable Use Policy

The information systems and Internet access available at W-LHS are intended for education purposes only. The use of the information systems and the Internet is a privilege, not a right.

The term "information systems" as used herein includes, but is not limited to: hardware, software, communication lines and devices, graphing calculators, terminals, printers, CD-ROM devices, zip drives, scanners, digital cameras, AlphaSmart keyboards and any computers.

The term "users" as used herein includes all staff members, students, volunteers, parents and other individuals using any portion of the information systems.

These information systems are operated by students and faculty for the mutual benefit of all concerned and all users are expected to assist in the successful operation of the facilities. Users should not do, or attempt to do, anything that might disrupt the operation of the network or equipment, and/or interfere with the learning of students. The following guidelines are intended to help users understand appropriate use. The school may restrict or terminate any user's access, without prior notice, if such action is deemed necessary to maintain computing availability and security for other users of the systems.

Ethical Conduct for Electronic Users

With the use of information resources and information technology, it is the responsibility of all users:
to recognize and honor the intellectual property of others.

to comply with legal restrictions regarding plagiarism and the use and citation of information resources.

to restrict the use of the information systems and resources to the mission or function of the school system. The use of computer systems for personal use unrelated to the mission or function of the school system or for private gain is prohibited.

to help maintain the integrity of the school information system. Deliberate tampering or experimentation is a violation this includes: modifying config.sys, autoexec.bat, system folder or control panel files.

Educational Use

The information systems are intended for educational purposes. Users are responsible for the ethical and educational use of their network accounts.
School related files are the only files to be saved on accounts.
Storing commercial software and/or games or hidden files to accounts is not permitted.
Saving to the hard disk drive is granted only by permission of instructor.

Respect for Others

Users should respect the rights of others using a lab and/or the network.
Use assigned work station, if required by teacher.
Be considerate when using scarce resources, i.e. Internet, CD-ROM.
Always log off your work station.
Avoid deliberately attempting to disrupt system performance or interfering with the work of another user.
Leave equipment and room in good condition for next user/class.

Respect for Security

Accounts on the systems at W-LHS are considered secure, although absolute security of any data cannot be guaranteed. Teachers have access to student files for instructional or evaluative purpose.
Use only your account/password. It is a violation to give access to your account to any other user.

Reading modifying, or removing files and/or mail owned by other users is not allowed without prior approval by the instructor or systems administrator.

Respect for Property
Software Installation: Software may only be installed on the school information systems (including all individual workstations) with prior approval of the instructor or systems administrator.

Software Copyright: The only software, other than students' projects, to be used on systems in the school's labs are those products for which the school owns a valid license or the school may legally use.
Licensed/copyrighted software is not available for borrowing unless stipulated by the purchase agreement held by this school.

Copyrighted software shall not be downloaded from the Internet or further transmitted in any form without compliance with all terms of pre-authorized licensing agreement.

Infringement or violation of U.S. or international copyright laws or restrictions will not be tolerated.

Any attempts to circumvent the licensing control or the copying of software from the network without instructor's permission is prohibited.

Report equipment problems immediately to the instructor.
Leave workstations and peripherals in their designated places.
Keep work areas neat and clean; no gum, food, or drink in any area where computers are located.
Do not remove any parts of the computer (i.e. letters off keyboards, mouse parts, etc.)
Adult supervision is mandatory.
No personal grooming in any computer area.

Internet Access: The term "Internet access" includes all methodologies used to connect to individual computer networks around the world. The following are available at W-L for all students and staff:
E-Mail - method of send and/or receiving communication (letters) from someone in a remote location
WWW - World Wide Web - method of viewing documents (web pages) which contain multimedia elements such as sound, graphics, video and hyperlinks to other web pages.
Telnet - method of connecting to a remote server; such as the Library of Congress, to track Congressional information
FTP - File Transfer Protocol - method of downloading a file or program from a remote server
Gopher - method of viewing files or graphics from a remote server

Internet E-Mail Responsibilities:
Electronic communication (e-mail) is to be restricted to appropriate communications and must comply to the W-L HS Code of Conduct for language and respect for others. Although students do not have APS email accounts, students who use their personal email from any W-L computer must adhere to acceptable use. Users are responsible for all mail received under their user accounts and:
-maintaining the integrity of the private electronic mail system.
-reporting all violations of security.
-making sure all e-mail received by him/her does not contain pornographic material, inappropriate information, or text-encoded files that are potentially dangerous to the integrity of the hardware on school premises.
The following regulations apply to e-mail accounts:
Sending e-mail to general audiences is not allowed
Chain mail - a message asking someone to forward it on to multiple users
Real time messaging and on-line chat may only be used with supervision of the instructor
All mail communications must reflect the sender's account ID
Users should not reveal personal information in correspondence with unknown parties.

WWW Responsibilities: The user exercising his/her privilege to use the Internet as an educational resource shall also accept the responsibility for all material received under his/her account.

All users are prohibited from accessing portions of the Internet that do not promote the instructional mission of W-LHS and which do not comply to with the W-L Code of Conduct for language and respect for others.
Last Modified on August 26, 2011