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Office of Counseling Services

Welcome to the
Washington-Lee Counseling Office
Check out the new W-L counseling video about scheduling and academic planning on Mytonomy. Mytonomy is a website that provdies a forum for parents, students, and families to get advice about and view videos on content such as how to succeed in high school, picking the right college, mastering the college application process, and more. To view our video, click on the link below. Happy viewing! 
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 CEEB Code for Washington-Lee High School: 470125 
Upcoming Event: Summer School Registration
Details: Any student interested in attending summer school should pick up the registration book in the counseling center. The deadline to sign up for New Work for Credit classes is May 9th, and the deadline for Make-Up and Strengthening classes is June 13th. Please talk to your counsleor if you have questions.
The mission of the Washington-Lee High School Counseling Department is to advocate for the overall success of all students and nurture their academic, personal, social, and career development. In conjunction with Washington-Lee High School’s mission, we strive to provide a safe and caring learning environment for every student while being responsive to his or her unique needs. In partnership with other faculty, parents or guardians, and the community, the counseling staff at Washington-Lee High School seeks to ensure that all students are granted equity and access to resources. We believe in providing a comprehensive guidance program that will equip students with the knowledge and skills they need to become productive and responsible citizens in our world.


The comprehensive counseling program of Washington-Lee High School is based on the American School Counselors Association's (ASCA) ethical standards. The following is a statement of foundational beliefs which the Washington-Lee counselors use as a foundation for counseling practices:
  • We believe every student has dignity and worth, can achieve success, and has the ability to reach full potential.
  • We believe that every student should have the right to achieve success through accessing comprehensive school counseling program services.
  • We believe students benefit from support in reaching their academic, career, and social/emotional goals.
  • We believe that our school counseling program should incorporate data to support and foster program development and evaluation.
  • We believe that counselors are educational leaders who provide a supportive, non-judgemental environment which enhances student learning and social/emotional development.
  • We believe that it is important for counselors to form collaborative partnerships with all school staff, parents, and community members in support of student learning, social/emotional development, and career goal pursuits.

Washington-Lee counselors help students make appropriate personal, career, and educational decisions. In individual, group, or classroom guidance sessions, counselors do the following:
  • Encourage each student to develop a positive self-image and appropriate relationships with others.
  • Assist students in acquiring decision-making skills to make appropriate educational, career, and personal decisions.
  • Assist each student in implementing his or her decisions by facilitating enrollment in appropriate programs, courses, or services.
  • Meet annually with each student to review their four-year plan consistent with his/her needs.
  • Provide information to students and parents about colleges, careers, and vocational schools.
  • Provide organizational, study, and test taking skills.
  • Provide testing and test interpretation to help students analyze their interests and abilities.
  • Serve as integral member of the student’s Individual Education Plan (IEP).
  • Collaborate with teachers, administrators, and parents to help students achieve their fullest potential in school and life.
  • Act as student advocate at all times.