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Abingdon Podcasting Network

Abingdon Podcasting Network

What is Podcasting?

Podcasting is a method of communication that we are using at Abingdon that allows teachers and students to create audio or video files and post them to the Internet. These files can then be downloaded by anyone and listened to or viewed at any time. You can download the files to a personal computer or handheld device such as an iPod.

Why we use podcasting in the classroom?

We have several goals that we would like accomplish with this website.

  • For the students, podcasting provides a way to express their ideas and to share useful and interesting content with their peers and the school community.
  • Working on this project will provide a medium for students to learn essential communication skills, enabling them to record a high-quality podcast.
  • Teachers are given a means of using technology to enhance their instruction and then make it accessible to the students in their homes.
  • Even though the intended audience is primarily the students of Abingdon Elementary School, podcasting also showcases some of the projects that our students are creating for their friends and family to enjoy.

Keep an eye out for these upcoming projects...

-First grade students share popular fairy tales and their artwork with us

-The Queen of Science and her students tell us what is happening in the garden

-Second grade students share their work with tableau

-Students share their field trip experiences

-More poetry from various grade levels

-More interesting people to get to know (watch for an interview with a police officer and a White House secret service agent)

Current Channels

Getting To Know You Channel

group picture
On this channel you will find interviews conducted by Abingdon students with people from all walks of life. The goal of this channel is to give students the chance to ask questions of people who work in a variety of occupations so that they may learn more about them as individuals and what is involved as they perform the daily duties of their jobs.

5th Grade Fall Poetry Channel

poetry nature picture
On this channel you will find 5th grade students sharing some of their original poetry compositions.

3rd Grade Biography Channel

Amelia Earhart
On this channel you will find 3rd grade students sharing biographies.

5th Grade Greece Poetry Channel

 On this channel you will find 5th grade poems on the subject of Greece.

3rd Grade Tableau Channel

tableau pic
 This podcast project was created and performed by students in Mrs. Waldner and Mrs. Schwanbeck's third grade classrooms. The students were asked to create a  tableau based on the book, "Atlantic". This is a story that personifies an inanimate object, like the Atlantic Ocean. Through tableau, students learn how to convey an idea or concept through a visual presentation. These students did an amazing job developing their own "I am" ideas, writing their own lines, and performing the scene.

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