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Saturday, November 28, 2015
Science Lab

In science lab, students are engaged through “hands-on” activities to encourage them to explore, experiment, and investigate the world around them. Each grade level focuses on specific SOL objectives. This year, students will begin to use the exciting new print and digital resources in our new comprehensive textbook series, “Science Fusion.”  In addition, all classes will learn about related Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) careers providing a chance to explore potential career paths related to the topics being examined in the lab.

Conservation and recycling are reinforced throughout the grades to encourage children to appreciate nature and keep our planet healthy.  Kindergarten classes come to science lab and are involved in investigations using all of their senses as they learn about classification, magnets, living and non-living objects, properties of water, and patterns in nature. 

Students in first grade use all their senses, just like real scientists, making discoveries about the world in which they live.  Students investigate how moving objects exhibit different kinds of motion.  Students also conduct experiments to observe how different materials react with water at various temperatures.  First graders also learn about the relationship between the sun and Earth and how the sun is an important source of energy for the Earth.

Students in second grade study all about the weather in science lab and conduct "hands-on" experiments as they work cooperatively in groups.  The students track the weather daily in their science interactive notebooks. We learn how to determine weather patterns and how they affect our world.  Students also study how plants and animals adapt to the changes in the weather and seasons.  

Third grade students examine a number of topics including: matter, force, motion, energy, and soil.  To add context and bring the content to life, third grade students will also learn about related STEM careers.  

Fourth grade students continue their studies of force, motion, energy, and matter to delve deeper into the exciting world of physics.  Whether exploring kinetic energy or static electricity, students will have opportunities to conduct experiments that also draw on their math and language arts skills.

Fifth grade students conduct investigations on the structure of matter.  Students are involved in numerous activities as they study about the molecular structure of atoms and the effects of temperature on the different states of matter.  An emphasis on the Scientific Method and conducting proper lab investigations will help prepare students for the transition to middle school science.

Throughout the year the students may conduct investigations in the impressive Outdoor Classroom.  Students take pride as they work and grow various plants in our garden.   All of the produce from the garden is donated to AFAC (Arlington Food Assistance Center). This past school year Abingdon is proud they donated 250 pounds of fresh and healthy vegetables to AFAC to share with our local community.
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